Month: December 2020

Bad Entrepreneurs Invent, Good Entrepreneurs Copy, Great Entrepreneurs Steal

Posted on Dec 20, 2020

Most people start in business without a clue about what their competitors are up to, how they’re getting customers, what they’re promising them, and how they’re fulfilling that promise. New entrepreneurs tend to be concerned with their idea, especially with creating something truly unique or selling a unique product in eCommerce. And there’s nothing wrong […]

Breaking Down The Customer Acquisition Strategy of a 7-Figure eCommerce Business

Posted on Dec 12, 2020

Marketing is the most powerful component of your eCommerce business. It’s so powerful, that even supposing you have a “me-too” product and activate in a crowded niche, using a business model with low barriers to entry (such as dropshipping) you can still make big money. Proof? That’s what I’ll show you today. We’re going to […]

How Cynicism Destroys Your Business & Your Life

Posted on Dec 03, 2020

It almost destroyed me. And it caused me to waste 4 years of my life. It led me to depression and anxiety and stripped me of my locus of control. It led me to think that nothing matters and stopped me from taking action towards my business dreams. But I didn’t know it. Because it […]