4 Reasons Using Native Ads Will Boost Your Sales Right Away!

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Are you looking to grow your sales and regular display ads no longer do the job? Here’s the little secret that can completely turn things around.

Native advertising.

This growing form of digital advertising is quickly coming to dominate digital advertising.

By the end of this article, you will understand what native ads are, and how they can revolutionize your sales & marketing. So read on, and use this knowledge to grow your business and position yourself for the future!

Let’s get started.

What Are Native Ads?

Native Advertising

Native ads are similar to regular ads, except that they don’t stand out. They integrate with the form and function of the website as if they were part of the content.

This means that native advertising, unlike regular ads, is not intrusive. It integrates flawlessly with the design of the website, as well as the function of the website. This ensures that native ads never look out of place.

By having the same function as other components of the website, this type of advertising also rides on the growing trend of content marketing. Effectively, it transforms advertising from being seller-centric (where it’s all about you and your product) and more customer-centric (where it’s all about your customer and what you can do for him or her).

Below we will outline the top 4 reasons why we think now is the time for you to invest in native ads for your business.

1. Native Ads Have Significantly Higher CTRs

Native Ads Have Significantly Higher CTRs

Business Insider has revealed that native ads have significantly higher CTRs across different platforms:

As you can see, even on Desktop, native ads provide you with DOUBLE the CTR in comparison to regular ads. And in some cases, native advertisement can get CTR values greater than 8%! Compare this to the meagre 0.2% CTR of regular display ads, and you can see there really is no competition.

We also know that consumers look at native ads 53% more often than regular display ads. And recent studies also show us that native ads help increase purchase intent by 18%!

If you are selling a branded product or service, you also want to know that native ads can help generate up to 82% brand lift. This increased consumer engagement is absolutely critical to help you grow your business.

Now you can understand why switching to native advertising has the potential to transform your sales & marketing. You should seriously consider implementing this new advertising method, especially considering that it may very well be the future of online advertising, as we’re about to reveal.

2. Native Advertising Is The Future Of Online Advertising

Native Advertising Is The Future Of Online Advertising

Business Insider estimates that by 2021 native advertising will account for 74% of all ad revenue. These numbers are truly astounding!

What this means is that if you want to remain competitive, your business must start using native advertising. The earlier you start the better. An early start already puts you far ahead of your competition.

Native ads also bank on the growing demand for content marketing. Unlike regular ads, by fitting in with the rest of the website’s design, native ads integrate perfectly and act as content.

This explains why 85% of users don’t feel that their browsing experience is hindered by the presence of native ads. This is a drastic change from the attitude towards regular display ads, where most users find them annoying.

This infographic from HubSpot gives you other key statistics with regards to where native ads are going:

Native Advertising

If you’re looking to get started with native advertisement, why not reach out to us at Tanda Copywriting? We have designed and written the copy for native ads for a multitude of companies across different industries, and we can help you too!

3. Native Ads Typically Get More Shares And Spread Faster

Native Ads Typically Get More Shares And Spread Faster

Another important reason behind the growing trend of native ads is the way they take advantage of social media platforms.

Since native ads are often more content-based than regular display ads, they are perceived to be of higher value by consumers. Hence they get shared more often!

Research reveals that for this reason, 33% of marketers judge the success of their native ads primarily by looking at social media shares.

As Facebook, Twitter and other social media keep growing the importance of native advertising will only increase. 2018 is the year when you should make sure that you jump on this bandwagon and get ahead of the competition!

Another very relevant aspect is the superior performance of native ads on mobile, combined with growing mobile traffic. We will discuss this aspect next.

4. Mobile Traffic Is Growing, And Native Ads Do Exceptionally Well On Mobile

Mobile Traffic Is Growing, And Native Ads Do Exceptionally Well On Mobile

Last year, 59.9% of all internet traffic came from mobile. And this is the continuation of a trend where more and more users navigate and use the internet through mobile. We expect this trend to continue well into the future.

The growing importance of mobile is why 88% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile. And by 2020, most of Facebook’s ad revenue from mobile will come from native ads.

So this is a prime reason for you to think about taking advantage of native advertising. As mobile traffic grows, traditional display ads are seen intrusive and disruptive – consumers find them annoying.

If you want your business to stay relevant, you must also start using this increasingly customer-friendly form of advertising. This will not only help you grow your sales but also create a strong brand image for your business.

Also, remember that native ads outperform display ads in terms of CTR especially on mobile.

Why Not Get Started With Native Advertising Right Away?

Get Started On Your Native Advertising With Tanda Copywriting!

Now that you understand what native ads are, and how they are going to play a key role in the future of digital advertising, you are ready to take action.

Now is the time for you to take advantage of this knowledge – don’t allow this opportunity to grow your business slip away. If you need additional knowledge, or you’d like us to help you, then get in touch right away!


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