Introducing The Agency Ascendancy Program™
“3 weeks after Ascendancy is over I’m at $43K/mo and growing” (case study below)

Let's Scale & Automate Your Digital Agency to $50K/mo Without Lead Generation Fees, Paid Ads, or Losing Control

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Why Do Most Agencies Struggle to Scale?

There are 3 problems that stop most agency owners from scaling & automating their business. To reach $30K+/mo and set the foundation for financial freedom, you’ve got to solve the three following problems:

1. Lack of a repeatable & automated process of acquiring new customers

2. Low customer lifetime value, meaning that you’re not able to extract sufficient value from a customer to hire others and still make a decent profit

3. Lack of scaling systems that enable you to maintain quality of output while growing your business and expanding your team – without this, you can’t scale without losing customers due to low quality work.

Agency Ascendancy™ is a program designed specifically to help you solve these three problems and unlock the potential for rapid, exponential growth. Once you can acquire new customers on demand, you’re able to pay more than your competitors for acquiring a customer (because you earn more than they do from that customer), and you’ve got solid quality control processes in place, then you can shoot for the stars!

The 4 Components of The Agency Ascendancy Program™

1. Agency Ascendancy 10-Week Training

The result of reviewing 83 different trainings available on the market and building up my own agency is this 43-hour long training which provides you with 55 different guides, standard operating procedures, plug and play templates, blueprints and worksheets. Without doubt, it is the very best training available on the market, and if you sign up, and can honestly say that it's not the best and indicate a better one, we'll just refund you.

2. One-on-One Coaching​

Getting the knowledge isn't enough. You need to know how to apply it to solve specific problems that you're dealing with. And that's where our unlimited 1-1 coaching comes in. For the duration of the 10-weeks, you can schedule as many coaching sessions as you want, with a requirement of minimum once per week so that we can review progress together.

3. AI-Driven Lead Generation​

We've developed our own AI-Driven Lead Generation system which you'll get to test during the Agency Ascendancy Program™ to book out your calendar. In addition, we'll build you the perfect sequence for your niche, and get it running for you, requiring zero effort on your end. You'll also learn how to set this same system up on your end, using different technology than ours, no secrets are kept away from you.

4. Accountability

During the program we're going to set up your goals together, and break them down into daily tasks that you have to commit to doing to be successful. You will keep a journal throughout the 10 weeks, documenting your progress, making plans, and following through - a journal that will be shared with us. This will ensure that you actually do hit your goals and get the results that you want!

No More Risk - Guaranteed Results With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee Until The Very End of the Program

We take our guarantee very seriously, which is why we only accept to work with a limited number of people after adequate vetting. We don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want to waste ours. If you want to find out if you qualify to join, please complete the survey below, and then let’s hop on a complimentary call to check if this is right for you.

Build a Business That Depends On Systems, NOT on Your Time. A Business You Can Sell For 5-10x Annual Revenues

While not everyone wants to sell, all agency owners should aim to create something that can scale independent of their time. Otherwise all you have is, at best, a high-paying job. The way to detach your time from your income is to replace what you do inside the agency, with work that can be carried out by systems, formed of people and processes.

The Agency Ascendancy Weekly Program Breakdown

Some of Our Case Studies
(others available upon request)

“I’ve been through several different coaches, and the only guy I’ve ever gotten any results with is Tudor. I began by buying a PDF guide he sold. Applied it, and made my first real money as a web designer. Then I joined Ascendancy, when I was making around $6-7K per month on my own. Now, 3 weeks after Ascendancy is over, I’m at $43K/mo and growing. I think the results speak for themselves and I can recommend this with my whole heart!"
Vidak T.
Web Design Agency
"Before Ascendancy worked mainly on Upwork, and struggled to generate business outside of it. Results kept getting worse due to increased competition, and I knew I had to do something. Had no clue how to sell outside of Upwork or how to stand out. At first I had my doubts... would Ascendancy really work? Because of the guarantee and Tudor's personality, I decided to give it a go, and WOW, I'm super glad I did. Took my business from making $8,000 per month to $37,000 per month, and I'm looking to go even higher. I can see how close I am to real freedom, and I almost can't believe this is real. Thanks TUDOR!!"
Leslie N.
Lead Gen Agency
"I joined Ascendancy when I was making $100,000 per year, and had a small team for my design agency. Using Tudor's help I'm projecting an income of $450,000 by the end of this year in two months. It's been an amazing ride, the lead generation they do is amazing, but the real secret sauce is the NPOT Methodology - how to choose the right niche and actually build a business you can scale, the proper way. If you're just hustling for extra cash, this isn't for you - but if you actually want to make this into a real business that can bring you freedom, there's nothing like Ascendancy. For those who are ready to work and put in the effort, you WILL get results."
Tom H.
Graphic Design Agency
"When I joined, I was running a $15K/mo content "agency" - which really was an extension of my freelancing career. Producing highly technical content for engineering brands. My problem was that most of the work, I was unable to outsource. And I was sort of at full capacity, and couldn't scale more by myself. I tried hiring, but I just couldn't get the right people. Tudor taught me through Ascendancy and his coaching how to actually build a team professionally, how to guarantee quality, and how to manage risks and onboard new clients. We spent a lot of time creating very clear procedures and testing them to get them right. As a result I was able to start building a sales team and completely outsource the actual writing of the content. Today I'm sitting at $59K/mo, having secured 7 extra clients and having my own team."
Emily B.
Content Marketing
"I was competing with other businesses and other freelancers in terms of services and price. I was mainly focused on Upwork. Maybe 5 to 10 years ago it was quite easy to get leads or new clients on Upwork. But lately, I really noticed that there is a lot of competition and if I just continue doing the same, it doesn't lead to the same results anymore. At first, I think I mainly had an issue with trust or confidence in the program. You don't really know what's headed your way, but I took the leap. My mindset changed towards selling a transformation rather than a service and also about having a structure which I can use to build a team to help me with fulfilment. I see freedom ahead and that's what I didn't see before. Each week I really looked forward to the lessons because I see it's really valuable and real!"
Regan C.
Digital Marketing Agency
"What I liked about Tudor was that he's genuine. There's a ton of people out there who just care about your money. Tudor's not like that. While I was in the program, I went through the transition to their learning platform, and saw how involved Tudor is personally to make sure you get the results you want. When there was a problem with their AI System, Tudor told me not to worry, and they graciously added another 2 weeks to the duration of the lead generation to make up for it. I got $23,750/mo in extra revenue from their lead gen, and another $30,000 from applying the other strategies. I'm now finally in a position where I have a team working for me full time, and we're a real business."
Miranda K.
PPC Agency

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