5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Remains King in 2018

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In this article, we’re about to reveal the top 5 reasons why content marketing remains important in 2018. Unless you continue to educate your customers through valuable content, your business will start losing its competitive edge.

Read below to find out how content marketing will help you stay ahead of the competition in 2018! You will discover what we consider to be the most important factors for you to know about content creation this year.

1. Most of Your Competitors Already Use Content Marketing

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According to recent research published by the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers make use of content. As the phrase goes, content marketing is “king”.

In 2018, content marketing continues to remain one of the most popular and effective ways to expand your customer base. And most online businesses have established growing their number of leads and increasing revenues as the main marketing objective for 2018, according to a survey carried out by Ascend2.

So content marketing is likely one of the most effective investments for next year that you can make. Your competitors are already doing it. So, don’t let them get ahead of you!

Here at Tanda Copywriting, we can help you produce great content for your customers, through our Articles, Blog Packages, Social Media Management, and/or Video Sales Letters (VSLs).

2. Content Delivers x3 More Leads Than Paid Search Per Dollar Spent

Grow Your Revenue With Content Marketing In 2018!

Given the effectiveness of marketing via content compared to other marketing methodologies, you should definitely consider ramping up your investment in it for 2018.

Recent studies reveal that content marketing brings in x3 more leads than paid search compared to the dollar amount spent. This is a significantly higher rate of return, one that you should take advantage of.

Another thing that we have observed is that leads generated through content are usually much higher quality than otherwise. Why does this happen?

In our view, by educating your customers, content marketing already familiarizes them with your business. This helps them develop a higher degree of trust in you.

Creating valuable content for your customers will help you grow your business in this coming year. So take advantage of it!

3. Content Marketing Is 62% Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing

Content Marketing Is Cheaper Than Other More Traditional Marketing Methods!

Year over year, inbound marketing has gained traction in comparison to outbound marketing. This trend is set to continue in 2018. Inbound marketing continues to be both cheaper and more effective than outbound marketing.

Content Marketing specifically is shining as the most effective inbound marketing method. Recent studies reveal that it is also 62% cheaper than traditional marketing.

On top of this, consumers are becoming more resistant to traditional marketing methods, which are too intrusive. For example, 70% of consumers would rather learn about your business through a blog article, than through an advert.

For this reason, as well as its effectiveness and growing popularity, Forbes magazine has advised business owners that 2018 is the best year to invest in content to market your business.

4. Content Marketing Helps You Build Brand Authority

Content Marketing Helps You Build Brand Authority!

In 2018, consumers will continue to prefer branded products and services. The trend towards businesses with a strong brand authority & positive online reputation will only get stronger.

We know that 78% of customers feel that they have a positive relationship with companies that make use of useful custom content.

The trend towards inbound marketing continues. More and more consumers expect brands to provide positive and educational content, instead of the traditional hard-sell methods.

So to stay ahead of the competition and make your brand stronger than ever, we recommend you invest in content marketing! Blog posts and articles are some of the favorite methods of receiving content for your clients.

5. You Can Easily Outsource Content Marketing

Content Marketing Can Be Easily Outsourced

You need to make sure your content marketing adequately educates your clients. This is done by providing interesting & valuable information that also soft-sells your products or services.

It is best if you outsource content creation. You can usually achieve significantly better quality for less money this way. In fact, that is why in 2018 studies show that close to 62% of companies already outsource content creation.

If you are not an expert in copywriting and online marketing we recommend outsourcing content creation. This will help you not fall behind the competition. This is the year when you need to make sure to jump on the bandwagon with content marketing!

If you want to improve your content marketing efforts, here, at Tanda Copywriting, we’re more than ready to help you. We have a very thorough process, from analyzing your competitors to developing buyer personas for your customers, to content creation and whatever else you need.

So get in touch now, and let’s see your business reach new levels in 2018!

Get Your Business To The Next Level In 2018!

Get Started With Content Marketing Now!

Those are the top 5 reasons you should seriously consider adding content as a strategy to help you ensure you reach your growth targets for 2018.

Now is the time that your business can reach the next level. So push forward and expand your content creation, it may just be the best thing you can do marketing-wise for 2018. Here at Tanda Copywriting, we can help you do what it takes for your business. We have expertise both in terms of online marketing & copywriting. With our help, your business can take advantage of the new trends in 2018 and stay ahead of the competition! So get in touch, and let’s take your business to the next level.


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