The Ultimate Guide To Explode Your Funnel’s Conversions In No Time Flat

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your funnel’s conversions and creating high-converting landing pages, emails, and ads by utilizing battle-tested marketing secrets that SPARE YOU thousands in testing budget and hundreds of hours of frustration!

Perfect For Any Sales Funnel Type

You’re unhappy with your conversions. They’re not where you’d like them to be. Maybe you’re bleeding money. 

You now have a choice… you can either spend hours wondering how to improve your funnel, and spend your hard-earned money trying thousands of different options…

OR… you can focus on the 27 QUICK, PROVEN WAYS to see immediate results. These ways can improve your conversions by as much as 50-500% when taken together – WITHOUT requiring a huge testing budget or many hours of changes.

Perfect For Creating New Funnels

And if you don’t yet have a funnel, you’ll know what 27 key aspects of your funnel you need to focus on so that you get the best conversions you can from the get-go. The biggest danger when you’re building your funnel is majoring in minor things.

You need to know what the most important areas to focus on are. Then you won’t waste your time building a funnel that won’t get any results.

And the beauty of these 27 ways is that they’re all quick… they are easy, and simple to implement, but give awesome results.

27 Key Elements Are Responsible For Most Of A Funnel’s Results

When we work for clients, we’re often asked to “prove ourselves”… clients want to see some QUICK results, before they decide to work with us.

In order not to spend an inordinate amount of time doing this, we come back to 27 proven ways that always work. These are funnel “power levers” – move these, and you get tremendous results in your funnel’s conversions.

For example, we worked with a client in the financial market. And we used just 5 of these power levers and got a 231% increase in conversions! That’s how powerful they can be.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel… Focus On What Is Proven To Work

If your focus is all over the place when you build your funnel, then the chances you’ll have a working money-making machine are slim.

You don’t want to waste your time focusing on ways to generate conversions that have already been tried and failed.

These 27 ways we reveal inside our Conversion Guide get consistent results that you can count on – they are proven to work.

This Guide Covers The 8 Key Areas You Need To Improve FIRST

To help you get fast results in your funnel, you must tackle 8 key areas first. Inside the guide, you will find power levers that can quickly improve each one of those 8 areas. In fact, you’ll have 27 power levers for the areas below:

Learn the few elements on your landing pages that are responsible for most of your conversions, and how a few easy tweaks can generate massive 100%+ improvements.

Discover a quick way to easily increase your email open rate and multiple ways to grow your conversions, WITHOUT requiring you to change much of what you’re currently doing.

Popups are great, but they are very rarely well-used. Learn the most effective strategies to use popups to grow your funnel’s conversions fast. Small tweaks, BIG results.

Learn the key ways to use upsells to maximize your funnel’s conversion rates and increase your earnings per click so that you can make more for each visitor.

Find out the key factors that govern the success of your ads, and the exact improvements you can make right away to grow your clickthrough rates.

Many customers are lost during the checkout process. Learn the BEST ways to minimize losses, and even how to get customers back once they leave.

Discover how to quickly use authentic videos to dramatically increase conversions without spending inordinate amount of time and money on polishing the videos.

Is your funnel held back by your signup process? Learn the most effective ideas to eliminate or streamline the process to maximize your conversions.

Owning our conversion guide is the fastest way to go through an existing funnel and maximize its conversions. All the ways are quick to implement, and give fast results.

Over $5,000 In Quick-Fix Funnel Secrets That Save You Time And Money

We’ve been using these exact 27 ways for our own clients. The results often yield $5000+ in earnings from going through all the ways provided that you have good offers in your funnel.

If your funnel isn’t getting the results you desire, then you must go through these 27 ways first. These will not only save you thousands of dollars in terms of testing budget, but also hundreads of hours of frustration.

Because these ways are funnel “power levers”, they are the fastest way for you to grow your conversions. Once more money is coming into your funnel, you can reinvest that money towards other improvements as well.

But you must tackle these “easy”, but in no way obvious ways first. Doing so will not only give you quick results, but it will also permit you to make your funnel profitable first, before you reinvest from the earnings to scale it even more.

So if you’re struggling to optimize for conversions, or you’re just not sure what to do with your funnel next, then these 27 ways are perfect for you.

30-Day “NO-RISK” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel these 27 QUICK ways to skyrocket your funnel’s conversions are worth a $9 investment, we’ll refund it. No questions asked. Just send your refund request to [email protected] in the first 30 days. Please note that PayPal & Stripe transaction fees are non-refundable since PayPal \ Stripe does not give them back to us to refund you  – for a $9 purchase, you’ll get back around $8.

These 27 quick-fix ways will give you almost INSTANT results in terms of improved conversions. So download your guide today and get started:



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