Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the questions we get most often

Yes, it absolutely is true for all our programs that involve coaching. We aim for a 100% success rate, and if that sounds too good to be true for you, then let me explain how we do it. Unlike the gurus who just want to make money, we only choose to work with a few select people who are a good fit. This means that we go through a rigorous process to make sure that, if we do choose to work with you, then you will get results. And if you go through and you follow through our program and still don’t get results you’re happy with, then we’ll refund all your money. Click here to take a short survey and see if you may be a good fit to work with us.

You should only apply if you are a freelancer or small agency owner who is currently making between $1-4K/mo consistently. If you are NOT, then please don’t waste your time and ours and apply, because very likely we won’t be able to help. This is not a program for people who are broke and don’t have any skills. This is for people who already have a solid foundation of skills that they can deliver through an online service business and also have the ambition to grow a business that can give them freedom and a great income. If that’s not you, please focus on developing your skills first.

We use a combination of sophisticated cloud technology and AI, combined with powerful marketing & sales training to transform your business into a market leader.  In the process, you will learn everything from the fundamentals of business and economics, to marketing, sales, customer formation & maintenance, obtaining social proof, and all the other skills you’ll need to build a real business.

We start with getting your business foundation right – because we don’t believe there is any long term business success that can be obtained just from sales & marketing skills. Rather we know for a fact that sales & marketing skills will only reinforce a strong business strategy.

Afterwards we install our lead generation systems using AI & cloud technology that will deliver leads to you without any work from you and without relying on risky paid ads. You will get full training on how to operate the systems effectively.

Afterwards we dig deep into sales, and help you personalize your own Hypnotic Sales Script with the goal of helping you convert 20-50% of the people you speak to. Our sales training is some of the best on the planet, containing the most effective techniques we’ve extracted from the best salesmen.

We will also teach you advanced strategies about hiring & outsourcing, expanding existing customers so that they spend more, retaining existing customers, obtaining social proof from all your customers and how you can reuse it in your marketing, and much much more.

At the end of the process, you will emerge with a solid, market-ready business that can make you $10K+/month consistently when run at full power.

To find out more, check out our FREE Training.

No, online service businesses have some of the highest margins you’ll ever encounter if you do them right. There is a lot of competition when it comes to offering online services, but if you gear your business towards solving specific problems, you will very frequently find yourself dominating your market and setting prices that attract great clients and enable you to make awesome returns.

If you’re already able to deliver a skill effectively, then our Ascendancy Program will be able to help you scale to $10K+/mo.

In such cases, I always recommend that you first learn a skill. Take courses from, buy relevant books, and dig in. At the same time, you should open an account on and start practicing. You can’t build a business when your capabilities to provide value are non-existent – you may be able to scam a few people, but we’re about building real, sustainable and ethical businesses here.

So our programs are NOT a fit for those who lack any technical skills.

We work with freelancers and small agencies (including web development, design, copywriting, marketings, seo, ads) and help them scale to $10K/mo in consistent income. To get there, you need a foundation in at least ONE high value technical skill. Here are some high-value technical skills for you to consider:

• Programming

• Web Development

• Web Design

• Copywriting

• Google or Facebook Ads

• Media Buying

• UI/UX Design

• App Development

There are many others, the list here is by no means exhaustive. Ideally, by the time you come to work with us, you should have at least one high-value skill.

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