How To Choose The Right Marketing Person or Company

As an entrepreneur, making sure that you have the right people to help with your marketing is one of the top 3 most important business decisions. It can make or break your business.

The truth here is that marketing is one of the most important functions of your enterprise. It’s what puts you in front of customers, with the right message, so that you can start making sales. No marketing, no sales. No sales, no business!

It’s that simple. However, many entrepreneurs go in totally unprepared when it comes to selecting the right person to be in charge of their marketing. The result?

The marketing program doesn’t work, things turn sour, the marketing company or person leaves with your money in their pockets, and you’re left to pick up the pieces.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

In today’s guide, I’ll give you my top 5 criteria for sorting the wheat from the chaff and getting you a marketing superstar on your team who will never let you down like that!

1. Make Sure the Marketer Believes in You, Your Vision, and the Company

It doesn’t matter if the marketer is a person or a company, you want to make sure that they believe in you and what you’re trying to do. They must share your vision of what you’re trying to do.

Ideally, by the time you seek to bring a professional marketer on board, you should have already taken a lot of action, and now you’re simply seeking to bring someone in who can make the vision you have formed a reality.

It’s important to take action and get crystal clear on your vision before hiring a marketer. This will help you clarify your values and purpose, and when you have a clear vision, and strong value proposition, a skilled marketer can make your brand explode.

How can you check for this?

Well, ask them. Ask them to tell you about how they deal with projects, their process, what they do when they’re faced with difficulties. Have an honest conversation where you share your vision, and see where the marketer stands.

2. Choose Character Over Skills

Lack of skill can be fixed. Lack of character not so much. So it’s very important to perceive what character the marketer is. If the marketer is a company, you wanna check for their values.

Many entrepreneurs prioritize skills over character, and this is a big mistake. Just because a marketer has big wins under his belt in the past, is of little indication that he can do the same for you. Even if it happens to be in the same industry.


Well, things change very fast in marketing. What worked 3-4 years ago, will no longer work today. So great skill by itself is not a recepie for success.

Rather, you want to find someone who has great skills, but more importantly, someone who CARES. If you care about something, you find a way to make it work. You don’t give up. You push the limits. You MAKE it work!

So traits such as care, empathy, determination, confidence are much more important in a marketer than previous results. They are the underlying traits of someone with a growth mindset, who will do whatever it takes to make your project work.

3. Make Sure the Marketer Understands Positioning Strategies

There is only one task that a marketer is truly responsible for. And that is how, through your messaging, they position you in the marketplace. How do they position you vis-a-vis your customers, and how do they position you vis-a-vis your competitors? Does the messaging make you STAND OUT? Does the messaging resonate?

Because if it doesn’t, then nothing else matters.

This is one of the most important things, that is rarely understood. You don’t need creative strategies, you don’t need fancy marketing with the latest technology. You just need what works, and what works is rarely a function of technology, and much more of gaining the right position in the market. The marketer must be able to help you uncover a gap in the market, and then develop a strategy to take ahold of that gap and dominate it.

How is this done? Through pain-staking research. Speaking with previous customers, investigating the competition, looking through your materials and assets and more.

If you want to make sure your marketer understands positioning, it’s best to ask him about his strategy. How will they approach working with you? What will the process be?

If the process involves serious research, trying to get in the minds of your customers, seeing what the competition is doing, looking for gaps, and then positioning you to dominate those areas, then you’ve got the right person.

4. Pick Enthusiasm!

Let’s face it, business is hard. It’s not easy starting on your own, taking action, and making it happen. That’s why you want a positive, and optimistic marketer on your team. Somone with enthusiasm, who believes in you and the value that you provide.

Enthusiasm is crucial. If the marketer is not enthusiastic, it will show in the kind of marketing they create for you.

So don’t take it lightly. When you’re interviewing the marketer, check to see that they’re passionate about their work, and they’re passionate and excited about working on your project.

You want a strong action-taker on your team who will never give up until the result is obtained.

5. Don’t Be Cheap

If you want a real pro on your team, then you need to put back the desire for “cheapness”. In the end, it’s going to cost you a lot more, since you’ll attract to your business only people who are able to deliver minimal value.

And if you want to scale your business big and make millions, then you want the very best. So pay for the best.

Many entrepreneurs limit themselves because they don’t understand the cost of hiring cheap. When you hire cheap, you’re short-selling yourself. You’re saying “I’m only worth this much… I can’t afford more, because I don’t have greater value”.

A much better approach is to pay for the very best. Be willing to take a risk on yourself, and the value that you’re providing. It’s the only way that you’ll be able to push your boundaries, go through your insecurities, and smash into a new area of success.


My top 5 rules to help you hire a marketing pro to scale your business into the millions are:

1) Make sure they believe your vision;

2) Choose character over skills;

3) Make sure they understand positioning strategy;

4) Pick enthusiasm;

5) And finally, pay for the best.

So go out there, take action, and do what it takes to scale your business into the millions. If you want us to be in your corner and help you do this, feel free to check if you’re eligible to work with us by taking the short survey here.




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