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Episode 33 – Sales for Entrepreneurs

How to Build a Sales System from Scratch  In today’s episode, I want to discuss sales for entrepreneurship. More specifically, I want you to be aware of the fact that the art of sales is done differently if you’re an entrepreneur. Many people think they can master it by working

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Episode 31 – How to Build a Personal Brand

Make Who You Are Your Selling Point Today we’ll talk about personal branding and how to approach it in an effective way. A personal brand means being known for providing value to a group of people. That’s what influencers do – who they are is essential for the brand. Building

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Episode 30 – How to Create an Effective Tagline for Your Brand

Get it Right From the First Try! In today’s episode, I’ll teach you how to create an effective tagline for your brand, whether you already have one or starting from scratch. The tagline is important because it will appear on all of your marketing assets: website, product, packaging, signs, etc.

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Episode 29 – Don’t Ask a Butterfly How to Crawl

How to Figure Out Who Can Actually Help You In today’s episode, I’ll talk about the essential idea that what’s best for you is always going to be contextual. It depends on a lot of factors, like who you are and where you are at the moment. Many people make

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Episode 27 – 5 Keys to a Website That Sells

Use These Secrets to Turn Visitors Into Customers  In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the 5 keys to building a website that sells. Many people ask me about this because they’re looking to improve their websites and increase their sales. A great website will convince visitors and potential customers to

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Episode 26 – How to Overcome Sales Anxiety

Learn How to Manage Your Emotions More Efficiently  In today’s episode, I want to talk about sales anxiety.  A lot of people reach out to me to share their difficult experiences when it comes to sales. Typically, this occurs in the context of cold-calling or reaching out to new people

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Episode 23 – Willpower vs. Habits

The Secret to Productivity and Success  In today’s episode, I’ll talk about mindset. More precisely, something that greatly interests those who want to succeed: willpower vs habits. Basically, there are these 2 opposing camps that have completely different ideas about what it takes to make it. Some believe that you

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