AI-Driven Lead Generation System

We generate an average of 120-200 conversations for you every month, translating to 15-50 qualified leads to help you grow your agency or freelance business using our proprietary AI-Driven Lead Generation system. Our system works with two channels: LinkedIn (requires that you have a LinkedIn profile) and Email. We take care of everything about the setup and the maintenance of the process, including creating and adjusting your message sequence when needed. For the moment, our Email system is limited to just 500 emails per month, until further notice. LinkedIn works as normal.

You don’t need to do anything apart from follow-up with the leads and keep us updated about the quality of the leads you’re receiving so that we can improve the system. Please note that it is your duty to follow up with the leads so that you can convert them into sales! You will receive all leads as responses via email and/or LinkedIn depending on the channel that was used to acquire them.

Please note that there are no refunds – to make sure that the service is right for you, we highly recommend that you complete this short survey and book a time to speak with us before buying!

From: $1,000 / month