Do You Feel Like David Fighting Against Goliath?

Well, I believe that David can beat Goliath. 

Goliath isn’t as big as he seems, as strong as he looks, or as unmovable as he appears to be. 

However, when you’re running a small business or you’re just starting out it can certainly seem that way. 

You feel overwhelmed. 

You don’t have enough resources. 

You don’t know how to bring in business. 

Your competitors are better prepared. 

They’re taking all your customers… 

Why would anyone even buy from you?

It’s not uncommon to have those thoughts swarm around in your head…

And it makes it really difficult to focus on what matters. 

You get distracted by all the noise. By all the shiny objects.

All the gurus tell you to try this, try that.

You’re like…


“Let me do a podcast”

“Let me start a blog”

“Let’s do some Facebook ads”

“How about a YouTube channel”

But all those tactics only serve to distract you from what really matters.

The fact is more tactics won’t save your business…

And when you add to all that the knockout punch that Coronavirus has delivered to many small businesses, the odds really seem stacked against you…

With a smaller budget than your competitors, few or no employees, bills to pay, a pandemic raging on and an indifferent market many days you feel like calling it quits… 

You ask yourself “what’s the point?”… “can this even go anywhere?”

But you don’t quit.

You know why?

Because deep inside you too believe that David can beat Goliath

And that’s why you’re here today, reading these words. 

If you didn’t believe it, you would have quit this website long ago.

So keep reading.

Because today I will show you how you too can beat your Goliath.

And it’s simple.

I’m doing this because once upon a time I too was David. 

And I too faced my own Goliath. 

And I was afraid and uncertain, just like you are now. 

I knew that the odds were stacked against me. 

I knew that Goliath was better prepared, and ready to crush me.

But just like you, I didn’t give up.

How I Beat Goliath At Every Step...

I was just finishing University.

Like many others, I was set to join Goliath as an employee, with a respectable position, and all the trappings of outward success.

But I didn’t.

I did not want to to sell my freedom and take the easy road. 

All my life looking back I had fought against Goliath, and I loved being David… and winning!

Even when I chose my University… 

I could have attended Oxford or Cambridge, but I didn’t even though my grades were perfect. People around thought I was crazy.

But I always chose to be David. 

To me, it made perfect sense.

Why would anyone give away their freedom for the mere appearance of power and prestige?

And this time, it was no different.

I was determined never to have a job working for Goliath.

And I didn’t. 

I started a sports magazine right during my last year of University. Initially my partner and I struggled. 

We went from guru to guru, trying to learn the secret of making it all work. 

The more people we listened to, the harder it became to find some clarity… 

We felt that our bigger competitors had the advantage, because they had a louder megaphone, and money to get their message out…

We didn’t.

But then… I learned the one secret which changed everything:

It’s not how loud or big your megaphone is. It’s how clearly your message communicates value to the customer. It’s not quantity, it’s quality that makes the difference!!

Here’s the thing:

Customers are immune to noise. Goliath is big, but also dumb. And that’s why you can win.

Think about it. If big and loud won the day, the best funded businesses would always win. 

But more and more frequently it’s the little startups that pull off the upset against the old and powerful established brands.

Using this newfound principle, I hand-crafted the messaging of our magazine to our direct audience… 

And I built my magazine to success! 

After a dispute with my partner we parted ways and I went into freelance copywriting and marketing to take what I had learned to the world.

Over the next few years, as I was having a look behind hundreds of different brands, large and small, I became convinced that I was right: 

It wasn’t their size that made them successful…

That’s how I built my agency over time and ended up working for brands such as Smarter Nutrition, Isagenix, Spartans AI, Day Trader Pro, and more to help produce millions in profits and beat the giants.

And by doing this, I ended up beating my own Goliath. I made it, without ever working for “the man”. 

And so can you…

That's why today my agency is introducing a new marketing service, made just for small business owners... We call it:

OR - How David Can Destroy Goliath

Underdog Marketing is a service aimed at small businesses and new entrepreneurs…

Unlike the other services my agency offers which are very expensive, Underdog Marketing aims to bring all that power at a very affordable price to you…

And in the process, show you how you too can beat Goliath and thrive. 

Despite Coronavirus, despite the competition, despite everything that currently stands against you.

And it’s simple.

It’s not hard.

It’s all about ignoring the distractions…

And going back to basics.


Yeah 🙂  

Business is won by having a crystal clear, customer-obsessed message, delivered to the right people at the right time!

And to do that you don’t need a huge megaphone, like Goliath has. 

Because remember: yelling isn’t selling!

A flexible, small, but well-built megaphone, with a customer-obsessed message is sufficient.

And that’s what we do for you. 

We craft that killer message, the sling-shot that you’ll use to aim at Goliath and win.

Here’s the thing:

Underdog Marketing is the only service that isn’t for the big guys. 

In fact, we believe that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and we’re going to show you how to make them fall!

The big guys have a huge weakness. 

For them, marketing isn’t just about making money.

That may even be last on their list. 

It’s all about getting their name out there…

Looking good to their shareholders…

Pleasing Wall Street…

Boosting their egos… 

Winning awards for advertising…

Or, as I like to say, BEING LOUD AND STUPID!

That’s NOT what you need. 

You need the kind of marketing that gets you results. 


Not tomorrow! 

And with little cash – you don’t have a fortune to spend like they do.

Psst... You Don't Win By Shouting Louder...

So how do you gain the upper hand over Goliath?

Not through size…

But through intelligence…

Through an unholy devotion and obsession to your customers…

To understanding their needs.

Their pain points.

Their hidden desires.

And then communicating this to THEM.

Here’s a fact:

Most ineffective marketing starts with the company, the product, benefits, features, comparative advantages and so on…

The result?

A “ME” focused positioning message…

And the only way to win with that, is to invest (or throw away) more and more money to shout louder.

More money to convince your customers that you’re really bigger, or better than the competition.

As if anyone cared… As if anyone believed it…

But here, we don’t take that approach. 

We take the smart approach…

Our copy starts with YOUR CUSTOMER

Their desires.

Their pains.


And that’s why Underdog Marketing is all about helping you COMMUNICATE with your market at a deeper, more effective level – even if you have a small megaphone!

As the very name of my company implies, copywriting is at the heart of my approach to marketing.

It is the secret sauce that can instantly help you break through the noise and connect with your intended audience on a deep level.

Just like this writing has connected with you.

And once that happens, then the magic begins.

Then your clients see that Goliath may be big, but you can take better care of them.

That’s why they end up voting for you… with their wallets…


If you want a more creative, customer-focused positioning for your brand, your products, and your business, then our Underdog Marketing Copy services are for you.

The idea with these services is to bring “Gary Halbert” level copy to your fingertips at affordable prices…

(and if you don’t know who that is, he’s the greatest copywriter of all time)!

The choice is no longer between paying “Gary Halbert” prices to get “Gary Halbert” level copy just so you can stand a chance


Paying cheap to get low quality, ineffective copy.

With Underdog Marketing, you have an alternative – top quality, at prices that are affordable for small businesses!

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