About Us

TANDA Digital is a leading provider of education & business development training for agency owners (web development, web design, marketing, seo, copywriting, ads). Our mission is to help 25,000 agency owners build the agencies of the future and scale to $50,000+ in monthly income.

Our vision is to remove the uncertainty for ambitious agencies looking to scale and clean the industry of scams by guaranteeing results will be achieved 100% of the time if our systems are followed diligently.

To achieve these results we rely on our sophisticated 3-in-1 Agency Ascendancy Program™ which includes: 

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“Can You Make $50K+/mo Consistently?”

We only accept agency owners in our program and mentor them if we can guarantee them results. Check out more details about the program and find out if you qualify.

Our Founder

Tudor Dumitrescu is a serial entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom & Romania who has started 4 different businesses. Tudor has travelled all across the world and has always had a passion for technology, marketing and business. A born entrepreneur, Tudor never held a job and valued his freedom above all else. Tudor has created and run one of the world’s leading direct response marketing agencies, before sharing his systems with others who want to replicate the same kind of success.

From the very beginning, Tudor’s goal wasn’t just to succeed in business… but to figure out the principles for success so that they could be replicated by anyone else. That’s why he can teach you how to achieve freedom, because he figured it out from day 1, and set out on this mission from the very beginning. While other providers just want to make money, Tudor wants to understand business and what generates success repeatedly. Using his understanding of technology and marketing, Tudor has developed sophisticated marketing & sales systems that can agencies scale, regardless of where they’re located in the world.