Video Testimonials

Adam R.

6-Figure Design & Content Agency for Web3 Companies

“I’ve had so many conversations, I get a lot of replies… I got so many strategy calls, and there are so many people that are interested. Last month, I booked so many calls, I had at least 2 a day!”

Abdelaziz B. F.

6-Figure PR & Social Growth Agency

“I want to make sure I’m working with someone who is the best at what they do. It was a great offer as soon as I saw it […] You guys took a burden off my back with making sure we’re consistent with the lead generation process. I have a road not only for lead generation but also for building a sales team.”

Jason & Mphumzi

Web Design & PPC Agency for Solar Companies

“You guys aren’t just a lead gen agency, you’re an educational company. A lot of what you’ve taught us so far has been very impactful in our business, we’re really happy!”

Robert & Phong

Built a 6-Figure Branding & Design Agency for Tech Startups

““[By month 3 the results are] overwhelming. We never had such an interesting look into potential work that we have right now. We’ve landed a client with the system that we’re working with right now. We’ve had some great meetings with people who are interested in working with us later this year. I can’t wait to see what this will look like in a year””

Adal Bermann

Built a 6-Figure Lead Generation Agency for Service Businesses

“Tudor this was the most value packed hour I’ve pretty much ever experienced. I’m so grateful!”

Torsten P.

Built a 6-Figure Branding Agency for Startups

“I was a bit overwhelmed with the response and how well it went, and it’s super exciting. It does take a big weight off my shoulders knowing we have a system we can use to reliably produce new business. My one regret is that I didn’t do this two years ago!”

Regan C.

Built a 6-Figure Multilingual Digital Agency for Industrial & Sports Manufacturers

“I see FREEDOM towards above and that’s what I didn’t see before. It’s really valuable and REAL!” 

Thomas K.

Built a 7-Figure SEO Agency

“Your product is great, I understand why you have a good success with selling it!”

Rupert W.

eCom Marketing Agency

“It feels like the guidance and information given is extremely precise and can be acted upon […] It’s been eye-opening and it gives me confidence that you’re a set of people who DO know how to scale an agency to a stable level which as you said is $500K/year.”

Vidak T.

Built a 6-Figure Web Design Agency for Local Service Businesses

“Just broke through $550K for the year… would never have been possible without you!” 

Jacob P.

Freelance Writer – Thought Leadership for Green Brands

“The exercises I’ve done made me think about it in a different way” 

Matt J.

6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency for Fintech & Financial Companies

“[In 3 months] the total amount of opportunity you generated for us is close to $250,000. We’ve already paid for the price of the service for the year […] You’ve delivered everything you promised!”

Gabriel L.

Web Design & SEO Agency for Landscaping Companies

“My positioning now is a lot better [and] I’ve lifted myself several steps from where I was before. I’m having more conversations on LinkedIn than I’ve EVER had!”

Nadim R.

6-Figure Branding Agency from UK

“I tried LinkedIn… I tried Google Ads… 100% of our clients were coming from referrals. I have a growth mindset now, I want to reach 7-Figures in the next 12 months!” 

Luella C.

Advertising Agency based in UK

“There’s so many people reaching out… You were a boost of confidence, you know what you’re talking about, the help is definitely there, and the process is very detailed! ” 

Naima A.

Built a 6-Figure Motion Graphics Agency for Enterprise Clients

“You allowed me to see things from a different perspective. It gives me a lot of confidence. You allowed me to rethink and reimagine the system. There are a lot of lead generation providers and many want to take advantage of small agencies like us. They just want to give us leads, but by giving us leads without proper guidance, we don’t even know what to do with them!”

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