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We Build Business GROWTH Systems

Add predictable B2B growth through GDPR-compliant outreach & methodologies developed by our multidisciplinary team.

Business Growth Systems Illustration

We bring cross-domain expertise under one roof to grow your business

I founded TANDA Digital to empower businesses to grow with confidence through systematic process improvements.

Tudor  Dumitrescu

Leadership Team

Tudor Dumitrescu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tudor is the founder of TANDA Digital, and the brain behind our growth systems. He brings 12+ years of experience in marketing, sales and business development to the table to provide outstanding results.

Outside of TANDA Digital Tudor likes to spend his time reading, studying and improving himself.
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Anda Nastase

Head of Legal & Chief Operational Officer
A lawyer by training, Anda is the legal brain who ensures our growth systems remain GDPR compliant and she is responsible for managing client projects. She organises all the activities behind the scenes that are required to ensure success for our clients.

Outside of TANDA Digital, Anda loves to travel around the world and visit exciting places!
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Rehan Younas

Head of Lead Generation
Rehan is the go-to person when it comes to producing world-class outreach campaigns. With a background in lead generation & appointment setting, he's the key to building a consistent pipeline of leads for our clients.

Rehan likes to spend his free time reading and studying new strategies to produce growth.
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Tim S. Braden

Head of Content
Tim has a background in world-class direct response marketing working for big hitters like Agora & Boardroom. Tim focuses on advising clients on their business growth & crafting words that sell their offers.

When he's not working, Tim likes to spend time out in nature with his golden retriever "Tucker".
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Radical Candour

We favor telling the truth through honest communication, feedback and guidance, even when challenging, because facing reality provides everyone a chance to grow and develop.

Proactive Initiative

We embrace change and continuously improve our processes to adapt to a rapidly changing market.


We take full responsibility for our tasks, commitments, and actions to foster a supportive environment where everyone delivers results that contribute to our clients' success.

Empathetic Engagement

We prioritize understanding and addressing the needs of others, focusing on empathetic interactions and solutions to drive meaningful outcomes.

Long Term Sustainability

We always favor high-standard, win-win solutions because they don’t require changing. Once implemented, they’re there to stay, even if it takes more work upfront.


That makes us unique...

Custom Growth Systems

Our custom solutions are built to account for current market conditions, your unique position, and the best paths for growth.

GDPR-Compliant Outreach

All the outreach we do on behalf of your business follows strict GDPR and privacy compliance best practices.

High Touch Support

We provide detailed and systematic support through out the process to make sure that you get the desired outcomes.


How our expertise helps you...

Outbound Business Development

Custom-made systems to connect you with your ideal clients and secure win-win deals that add predictable growth to your business.

  • Outreach system design
  • Conversion tracking & analytics
  • Segmention & personalization
  • Offer & angle testing

Intellectual Property (IP) Development

Identify & develop your unique processes and codify them into intellectual property assets that differentiate you & build equity.

  • Mapping out internal processes
  • Identifying your unique value
  • Creating internal/external assets
  • Using IP with clients & employees

Sales Process Design

In-depth assessment & systematic improvements at the pre-sale, during sale, and post-sale stages to maximise conversion rates.

  • Sales process assessment
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Indoctrination email automations
  • Sales scripts & other assets

Personal Branding For Founders

Done-for-you content crafted around your expertise to position your founder as an industry thought leader.

  • Expertise interviews
  • Content calendar
  • Content crafting
  • Social media management

Digital Transformation

Websites, lead magnets, case studies and other software solutions required to create the necessary business support systems for scale.

  • Digital readiness assessment
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Creation of supporting assets
  • Automations of operations

GDPR Compliance

Assessment of your business assets, suppliers and processes for GDPR compliance & legal aid to craft the necessary documentation.

  • Compliance assessment
  • Report with recommendations
  • Execution of modifications
  • Creation of documentation


We've helped 100+ companies grow...


Our clients worked for...


Ready-made solutions for your needs...

Agency Ascendancy Program™

A 12-month program that gives you the know-how, tools and blueprints needed to scale an agency to $500,000 in revenue.

LinkedIn Ascendancy System™

Predictably grow your agency, consulting or coaching business through our LinkedIn lead generation system.


We'll deliver you actionable business development insights in your inbox every week to help you grow.


If you'd like to work with us, drop us a line below...

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