Attract & Convert Your Dream Agency Clients Through LinkedIn

Build Relationships With Top-Tier B2B Clients Without Relying on Your Existing Network or Referrals. We’ve helped 100s of agencies see our Case Studies below!

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Our N³ Agency Growth Service™

We grow using these exact same strategies: 90%+ of our own customers come from running the plays below.

1. Quality Scored Prospecting Lists

Prospecting lists based on aggregated data from multiple sources and quality scored based on demographic and behavioral indicators. Manually verified.

2. LinkedIn Warm-up Connection Process

Before sending connection requests, we'll warm up your prospects by visiting, following, liking their posts or commenting.

3. Warm Leads in Your LinkedIn Inbox

Through relationship-building messages, we'll warm up your leads and get them to start business conversations with you.

4. Appointment Setting

Learn how to turn conversations into booked appointments or let us take over and do it for you!

5. Sales Conversion System

You get access to our proven 2-call sales system including exact sales scripts to help you close more deals.

6. Authority Content

Build your brand become a thought leader and nurture prospects through content. Either create it yourself using our process, or let us do it for you.

7. Group Coaching & Video Training

To work on your, business marketing, offer, guarantees, pricing and other aspects of running your agency.

Our Typical Monthly Results...









Pricing Options Between $987/mo And $4,000/mo

Flat Subscription depending on service options & your specific situation.

Can't Afford It?

Join our Agency Ascendancy Group and get the training to do it yourself. Find out more

Refer & Earn

Earn a 20% commission off the referred client’s first payment.

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Our Guarantee:

Get a 1:1 ROI In 3 Months Or We'll Give You 1 Month FREE to Catch Up

Available on all plans, for all service options!

But Don't Listen to Us – See What Our Clients Say!

“It’s really a huge value. You’re not going to find anything like it and I can tell you that because I’ve taken a lot of programs online Tudor’s single-handedly helped me get these results!”

Evan Hennessey

Scaled to 7-Figures in eCom Marketing with Our Client Acquisition System

“I was a bit overwhelmed with the response and how well it went, and it’s super exciting. It does take a big weight off my shoulders knowing we have a system we can use to reliably produce new business. My one regret is that I didn’t do this two years ago!”

Torsten P.

Built a 6-Figure Branding Agency for Startups

“[In 3 months] the total amount of opportunity you generated for us is close to $250,000. We’ve already paid for the price of the service for the year […] You’ve delivered everything you promised!”

Matt J.

6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency for Fintech & Financial Companies

“I’ve had so many conversations, I get a lot of replies… I got so many strategy calls, and there are so many people that are interested. Last month, I booked so many calls, I had at least 2 a day!”

Adam R.

6-Figure Organic Marketing Agency for Web3 Companies

“I see FREEDOM towards above and that’s what I didn’t see before. It’s really valuable and REAL!” 

Regan C.

Built a 6-Figure Multilingual Digital Agency for Industrial & Sports Manufacturers

“My positioning now is a lot better [and] I’ve lifted myself several steps from where I was before. I’m having more conversations on LinkedIn than I’ve EVER had!”

Gabriel L.

Web Design & SEO Agency for Landscaping Companies

“I want to make sure I’m working with someone who is the best at what they do. It was a great offer as soon as I saw it […] You guys took a burden off my back with making sure we’re consistent with the lead generation process. I have a road not only for lead generation but also for building a sales team.”

Abdelaziz B. F.

6-Figure PR & Social Growth Agency

“Your product is great, I understand why you have a good success with selling it!”

Thomas K.

Built a 7-Figure SEO Agency

“I tried LinkedIn… I tried Google Ads… 100% of our clients were coming from referrals. I have a growth mindset now, I want to reach 7-Figures in the next 12 months!” 

Nadim R.

6-Figure Branding Agency from UK

“You guys aren’t just a lead gen agency, you’re an educational company. A lot of what you’ve taught us so far has been very impactful in our business, we’re really happy!”

Jason & Mphumzi

Web Design & PPC Agency for Solar Companies

“It feels like the guidance and information given is extremely precise and can be acted upon […] It’s been eye-opening and it gives me confidence that you’re a set of people who DO know how to scale an agency to a stable level which as you said is $500K/year.”

Rupert W.

eCom Marketing Agency

“There’s so many people reaching out… You were a boost of confidence, you know what you’re talking about, the help is definitely there, and the process is very detailed! ” 

Luella C.

Digital Marketing Agency based in UK

“Tudor this was the most value packed hour I’ve pretty much ever experienced. I’m so grateful!”

Adal Bermann

Built a 6-Figure Lead Generation Agency for Service Businesses

“The exercises I’ve done made me think about it in a different way” 

Jacob P.

Freelance Writer – Thought Leadership for Green Brands

“Just broke through $550K for the year… would never have been possible without you!” 

Vidak T.

Built a 6-Figure Web Design Agency for Local Service Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get most often

LinkedIn is by far the most effective way to connect with B2B clients, far outperforming cold-calling, cold email, running ads, or any other method based on our tests and publicly available data. 

There are over 900 million professionals on LinkedIn, and 58 million companies. We have helped clients connect with markets as specific as festival owners in the US to large & well-known brands. So if you’re targeting B2B, rest assured that your niche can be found on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also gives you access to the wealthiest market available via social media, with over 44% of users having income levels over $75,000/year.

And finally, public data shows that over 80% of B2B leads from social media come from LinkedIn, not Facebook, Twitter or any other channel.

You can read the stats for yourself.

We rely on the most effective strategies to create predictable lead flow & sales conversions for your agency or digital business. 

Our Ascendancy Growth Model™ includes 3 core strategies: Network, Nurture & Negotiate

The fundamental idea is that you need to constantly connect with your dream clients & start meaningful conversations, nurture them through authority content and high-impact lead magnets, and negotiate with them to close large deals even during recessions through auditioning and providing massive value.

You get access to 2 sections, one covering our NPOT Methodology™ for laying the foundation for a 7-Figure agency and the other covering our N³ Agency Growth Model™ for scaling an agency to 7-Figures. This includes around 14 hours of training and 17 Templates, Blueprints and Processes you can download and install into your agency or digital business instantly as soon as you join.

From month 4 onwards, every month a new ADVANCED Section will open up. These sections (7 in total) total about 25 hours of additional training, covering aspects such as how to collect case studies & social proof, build your team, manage projects, become a celebrity in your niche, and highly advanced marketing for massive scale.

They will help you build your agency into a REAL organisation and business system that can function without you.

We believe that money & new business comes from people. And therefore the key to winning new business is developing a process that allows you to build better human relationships faster.

Our main focus is on helping you create and develop your relationships with your target market. 

We believe that sales does NOT work if you try to do it before you’ve got a solid relationship in place with a customer.

That is why our messaging and all the strategies we share with you focus on building the relationship first, before doing sales. This way you create friends for life AND get new business that’s more likely to stick with you for the long-term 🙂 

For all our subscriptions, the minimum commitment is 3 months. While it’s often possible to see results faster, this is the minimum period we can guarantee results in.

Yes, we guarantee that if in the first 90 days of joining us you don’t get at least a 1:1 ROI then we’ll offer you the next month for free to make up for it.

Yes, you must have a Sales Navigator account for us to cross-check the leads that we obtain using our proprietary methods with your own second degree connections.

No, we don’t – you will have to take your own sales calls, but we do provide you with scripts and other training material so that you can have a high-converting sales process that brings you clients.

First, you should NOT use any automation software, since there is a high likelihood that you’ll get your LinkedIn account banned, as this is against their terms of service. You don’t want to lose your network that you’ve invested a long time to build.

Second, that’s like asking “what’s the difference between running ads myself and hiring an agency to run my ads”. In one case you have a professional doing it who brings all their expertise to get your results, in the other, no pun intended, you have an amateur trying to pretend they’re a pro and hoping for the best 🙂

Third, automation software only runs if your computer is turned on. Our system runs from the Cloud 24/7.

Fourth, automation software does not design your messaging sequence for you. With us your messaging sequence is designed by a team of professional copywriters who do this for a living.

Fifth, we take you through a process to develop your business so that you can improve your positioning, offer, pricing, strategy, and processes to make sure you can actually benefit from the leads we generate for you and you can close more sales. Automation software does none of that.

Sixth, our proprietary methods to build prospecting lists improve your targeting by around 300% compared. to using Sales Navigator alone.

And lastly, our messaging system mimicks human behavior, so that nobody can actually notice that it’s not you using the account.

Now, are you convinced we’re a better choice yet or shall we keep adding to the list? 🙂 

Where do we get started lol? 🙂

Cleverly sends 500 connection requests per month and charges you roughly $500/mo. We send 800-900 connection requests per month and charge you $987/mo.

Cleverly does NOT improve your business. We go over your targeting with you, advise on adjustments, and create your messaging starting with day 1. No setup fees, no weeks to get started! 

Cleverly does NOT give you access to coaching, training & education in terms of scaling your agency and closing more deals. We do all of that, including access you have to our team through Slack, our Learning Platform, and bi-weekly group coaching calls.

Cleverly only generates leads. We take care of the full client acquisition process with all the systems and processes we provide for you.

Cleverly is like hiring a used car salesman to pitch your cold target audience. Nobody likes pitches, and LinkedIn is very different from cold email – it’s less transactional and more about building the relationship.  That’s our main focus – instead of jumping straight to your pitch, we first initiate the relationship and warm up your leads.

As you can see, overall it’s like asking “what’s the difference between a Hyundai and a Bugatti?”. Sure, both can transport you, you’ll just get much farther, much faster and be a lot cooler with one than with the other 😉

Anything is possible, but we’ve never had any of our clients get permanently banned on LinkedIn from using our system. 

Due to the time commitment required from our team, there will be no refunds issued. Once a payment is made, it is final, and it is your responsibility to cancel beforehand if you don’t want to get charged.

To cancel your subscription login to “Your Account” select View
next to your subscription and then click Cancel. If you’re not able to do that, please contact us at least 24-hours before your next payment is due, and we’ll cancel it for you. Please note, we have minimum 3-month engagements, so it’s not possible to cancel the subscription in the first 60 days.

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