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Learn how to get 3, 5, even 10 high-ticket clients per month without risking money on ads or spending your time. Proven lead generation and sales system that turns freelancers and newbie agency owners into money-making machines!

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At TANDA Digital we create training and sales & marketing systems to enable freelancers and agency owners who have already mastered a skill (such as web design, copywriting, marketing, seo, ads, coaching, etc.) and are currently making above $10K/month to build a real business that makes $100K+/month and gives them the income and freedom they desire.

We believe the key to freedom is building a business that is based on effective management of time – so you can make great money without working all day long.

The one differentiating factor between us and everyone else in this industry is that we choose carefully who we work with, and that’s why we can guarantee results for our business systems. That’s why we can say that you WILL get results, 100%, if you follow through and do what is required of you.

Tudor Dumitrescu

Business & Economics

Most freelancers and agency owners are very good at the skill they practice... but what's missing is an understanding of business & economics and how they can use their resources to more effectively provide value to their marketplace by solving unmet needs.

Lead Generation

When you equip a business that solves a need in the marketplace with an effective lead generation system that makes use of the latest cloud & AI technology to save the owner from needing to pay money for ads or necessitate their time, then you can finally achieve growth that enables freedom for the owner.


Most businesses are held back from scaling by relying on the charisma and ingrained ability of the owner, who is the only one selling effectively. We provide systems that enable the owner and other employees to become effective salespeople, connect with their target market, and close 30-50% of all the leads they speak to.


Marketing is about values - we have proven processes to help you assess your market, create impactful offers and messages, and stand out from the competition, so you can grow your business the easy way, rather than the hard way!

Helping Freelancers & Agencies Secure High Value Clients & Achieve $100K+/month Income

Trust & Transparency

In an industry plagued by scams & providers who take advantage of vulnerable people, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our processes and results.

Market-Based Education

What you’ve learned in school is often not useful in real-life. We’ve made it our mission to provide you with market-based education that gets you the results you want.

Continuous Improvement

Nothing remains static in business, so our team is focused on continuously learning the latest technology and marketing techniques that are required for success.


All our programs that involve coaching offer you guaranteed results. They other work, and you get the value you’re looking for, or we’ll give your money back. However, we choose if you’re the right person for our systems.

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Customer Reviews

Your advice has started to pay off already. At least 4X ROl in tangible revenue 🙂 (and who knows how much extra cash in the future)!
Copywriter & Freelancer
Thank you very much for taking the time to offer all of those ideas -- I very much appreciate it!
Mark P.
Service Business Owner
Tudor, this was the most value packed hour I've pretty much ever experienced... I'm so grateful!
Adal Bermann
Web Agency Owner
“I’ve worked with Tudor over the years to help with marketing, sales and business development. His expertise and customer service is excellent – advising me what not to do and what to do for my coaching and training business. He really knows his stuff and goes above and beyond!
Sarah Jones
Coach & Trainer
Tudor the advice provided are SO SO VALUABLE .... I am going to create an action plan and post follow-up questions in our progress thread ... this is absolute GOLD 🙂 thank you
Nayan N.
Service Business Owner
Tudor helped me set up an online business from scratch. His help has been invaluable in terms of lead generation and sales. It’s easy to see that he has worked for top entrepreneurs out there and understands the strategies required for high-growth in this hyper-competitive online market
Vlad R.
Service Business Owner

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More Customer Reviews 🙂

Tudor’s marketing expertise and help have proven invaluable in helping me build my brand & take the right decisions to grow my consulting/coaching business.
Edmond Abramyan
Online Business Owner
Writing that sells is a professional skill that takes years to master. I’ve spent far too long writing my own copy, and it’s still hard.. and it’s still mediocre, and I wish I had come across Tudor earlier.
Alexander Friedman
Service Business Owner
Many thanks for the discussion and the very interesting inputs and the overall value provided. I will definitely implement some of them!
Julien H.
Online Business Owner

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Agency Ascendancy Program™

Our Ascendancy Ascendancy Program™ contains our most advanced systems to help you scale your service business to $100K+/month in recurring revenue.

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Our Team

Tudor Dumitrescu

CEO & Founder

Tudor is the founder of TANDA Digital, and the creator of the NPOT Methodology that we rely on to guarantee results for our customers. Tudor is an ex-agency owner and freelancer himself, and brings wealth of experience to the table. At TANDA he is the engine & enthusiasm behind the team.

Tim S. Braden

Business Strategist & Copywriter

Tim has a background in world-class direct response marketing working for big hitters like Agora & Boardroom. Tim focuses on advising clients on their business growth & crafting words that sell for their offers. 

When he’s not working, Tim likes to spend time out in nature with his golden retriever “Tucker”.

Ioan Mateescu

Business Strategist

Ioan helps advise and guide clients through our training to ensure results are achieved. With a background in entrepreneurship, he also heads a software startup, and has a very extensive network that can come in useful for our clients.

Ioan likes to spend his free time reading libertarian thinkers who advocate free markets as the solution to society’s ills.

Adelina Dobrila

Client Success Manager

Adelina is the glue that holds the team together. She organises all the activities behind the scenes that are required to ensure success for our clients. If you have an enquiry, she’s likely to be the person who answers first.

Outside of TANDA Digital, Adelina loves to travel around the world and visit new and exciting places!