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Our business relies on people like you who have had a wonderful experience with our services spreading the word so that others can enjoy the same benefits. So your testimonial means a lot to us, and is a great way for you to give us a helping hand in continuing to create a positive impact for you and others!  

We only accept video testimonials, recorded with Loom.com and then submitted through the form below. If you’re unsure how to create yours, click here to scroll down to detailed instructions and examples before completing the form.

Loom Recording Instructions

Here’s how you can share your experience with others in just 5 minutes:

1) Go to Loom.com, install the Loom Chrome extension or if you’re on a mobile phone, download the Loom app and make sure you select “Camera Only” (you just want to record your camera, not your screen).

2) Then you just have to record yourself and talk about your experience. Below you can find two templates to help guide you based on how you got access to our Learning Platform:

a) If you are someone who bought our growth service, and we do lead generation for you, use the following template for the testimonial:

My name is __________ , I’m ____________ and I run a _______ agency.

Before we worked with Tudor/TANDA, I/we ______________________.

I chose to partner with TANDA to create a client acquisition system because________________.

Thanks to TANDA/Tudor, I ___________________.

If you _____________ I highly recommend hire TANDA to help you scale your agency, you will ______________.

b) If you are someone who joined our AAG Community, use the following template:

My name is __________ , I’m a member of the AAG community and I run a _______ agency.

Before joining AAG, I ______________________.

I chose to join AAG because________________.

Thanks to AAG, I ___________________.

If you _____________ I highly recommend joining us in AAG, you will ______________.

3) Once the video is complete, click the “Link” icon and then submit it through the form below 🙂 

And that’s it, short and sweet. 

If you’re unsure about what the final product should look like, here’s an example to help you.

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