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3 Steps to Articulate the Value Your Agency Offers in Your Outreach


One of the biggest issues smaller agencies struggle with is articulating the value they offer to prospects in their outreach.

In many cases what they can do for clients is extremely beneficial, and it’s often to a much higher standard of quality than big agencies can deliver.

But with fewer case studies, and without a message that can cut through the noise and resonate with their target audience, they struggle to get a response.

Here are 3 secrets to crafting a message-market fit that gets prospects to respond to your messaging:

1. Figure out very SPECIFICALLY who your ideal client is

Your ideal client is simply the business that can MOST benefit from what you offer.

Let’s jump straight to an example. In our case, the niche we serve is at a broad level “marketing agencies”. But that’s not specific enough.

There are marketing agencies out there that make $100M/year. Are they our ideal client? No.

So we need to get more specific.

“US & EU-based marketing agencies with 1-3 employees, where the owner runs most of the show making between $40,000 to $250,000 per year and looking to scale to $1,000,000 while building a team.”

Can you see how specific that is? You need to be so specific that anyone who falls into that category is actually an ideal client for you.

2. Engage your target audience about the problems they face to achieve the transformation that you offer

It can be as simple as saying:

“I’m just doing some market research about [Target Audience], would you be able to help me with one simple question?

• What’s your biggest challenge to achieving [Transformation you Offer]?

Cheers, appreciate your help :)”

Below is an example of how I have done it. All the strategies I share here and inside my Agency Ascendancy Program™ I have used myself to scale my agency to 18 people in the past, and now to scale this business to $1M/year by the end of 2023.

3. Talk the same language as your customers, and show them how YOU solve those problems for them (and how they can solve them too).

Your service IS your marketing. You never need to create content and offer the service separately. Create the content when performing the service.

Then you simply bring the content and put it out in front of people who aren’t yet customers. And make sure you extract the language your ideal target audience uses to describe the problem in step 2 and put it in front of them.

This entire post is an example of me doing just that. Can you see how simple it is, and yet how effective? It got you to read this far and it’s quite a long post!

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