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How we helped a digital agency generate $250,000 worth of new business opportunity in 3 months

Our team collaborated with Dimartec to help them create an outreach system that could replace the business they were getting from running paid advertising at a lower cost. We used LinkedIn & Email as outreach channels to achieve these goals.

Industry: Agency (Marketing)

Country: UK

Target Audience: Finance / FinTech

Company Size: 1-10

Industry: Agency (Marketing)

Country: UK

Target Audience: Finance / FinTech

Company Size: 1-10

About Dimartec

Dimartec is a London-based digital marketing agency whose mission is to launch FinTech and financial brands into the right space. They combine expertise in digital marketing, finance and the unique legal requirements of the financial space to produce memorable brands that connect with consumers on a deep level. As part of their work they take care of the entire marketing process for brands.

Client Challenges

When Matthew Johnson the Chief Executive Officer of Dimartec reached out to us, he mentioned that their Google Ads funnels had dried out and they needed a way to replace their existing client acquisition. At the time, Dimartec was also busy opening up a new office in the capital of Lithuania, and having a consistent pipeline of new business was key to their continued success.

The challenge they presented us with was the need to create a solution that could quickly differentiate them & replace their client acquisition efforts as well as provide the needed training and expertise that the company needed to get to the next level.

Our Solution

1. We Helped Dimartec Differentiate through our NPOT Methodology™

Our NPOT Methodology™ involves gaining clarity on the 4 key elements of any agency’s business model. Here’s what they are:

  • Niche – WHO do you want to help?
  • Problem – WHY can’t they achieve their dream outcome?
  • Offer – HOW do you get them past the problem to the transformation?
  • Transformation – WHAT is their dream outcome?

 We helped Dimartec gain the right foundations by going through our 90-Day Marketing Plan™ session at the start of working with us. 

In summary, we helped them:

  • Gain clarity on the biggest pain-points of financial & fintech companies around aggressive marketing while maintaining compliance and respecting KYC regulations. 
  • Position his agency as a specialist in the financial industry.
  • Install an automated Indoctrination System™ into his business to introduce prospects to his world as soon as they booked a call and pre-sell them on his offer.

2. We Created LinkedIn & Email Outreach Sequences Around Proving Dimartec’s Expertise in the Finance Industry

Using the differentiation we helped him create through the NPOT Methodology™, our team of pro copywriters created a sequence aimed at starting & building relationships based on the in-house expertise Dimartec had in the finance industry.

The key here were several tactics that we used:

  • Instead of asking for a sales call directly we started by having Matt share some of his key insights about the financial industry in his first message to build common ground and demonstrate expertise.
  • Instead of selling aggressively, we relied on providing value upfront through a KYC lead magnet that demonstrated the agency’s expertise in the financial industry.
  • We clearly articulated Matt’s vision and NPOT Model, which made it instantly clear that he was THE #1 choice for financial companies trying to walk the fine line between regulatory compliance and effective marketing.
  • By positioning the agency as specialists in the financial industry, it became much easier to attract attention & stand out.

All of this blended really well with Matt’s brand – a non-aggressive approach based on proving your value & demonstrating industry expertise, instead of trying to aggressively sell. The sequence took 3 business days to complete.

3. We Built Hand-Picked & Quality Scored Contact Lists

Since Sales Navigator usually serves leads that aren’t a good match for your targeting on pages 5+, we had to design a solution that gathered finance company data from 8+ different sources, and then combined them through quality scoring.

What we mean by quality scoring is that we assign factors, for example “Location = London” a factor of 2, and location outside of London a factor of 1. This takes into account for example that London-based companies are likely to be better funded than companies outside of London.

We do the same for all other search criteria, and then add up the scores to produce a global quality score for the lead. We are able to then sort through the data in a scientific way and order the list from the best leads to the worst. Then someone from our team would manually check the lists and eliminate anyone who wasn’t a fit.

This enabled us to give preference to FinTech companies over other financial companies, and in turn produce a list of companies that were looking to connect with businesses like Dimartec.

As a result, we produced 97%+ quality leads for Dimartec. If we had relied just on Sales Navigator data, we would have ended up with 30% or less quality leads.

4. We started Outreach & Began Optimizing

In the first day of outreach, Matt already got his first 20 new connections:

And in the next couple of days, his network growth exploded and Matthew asked us to slow down our systems to handle the volume to 50% of their full capacity:

We fed back into the system the people who accepted connections, who booked calls, and who became customers to further improve the targeting. 

As a result, targeting started to quickly improve over time, to the point that Dimartec was getting 30+ new conversations with their ideal clients started on autopilot for them every single day.

For Dimartec, both LinkedIn and cold email performed well.

5. We Provided Comprehensive Sales & Business Training to Dimartec

As per the initial request of Dimartec’s management, we provided them with access to our Learning Platform and the tools required to guide their business growth into the future.

In the short term, this permitted them to book sales meetings from the leads we were providing them with, and convert them into paying clients. In the long term, they were able to handle their expansion to Lithuania and set the foundation for prospering.

As part of our help in this regard we provided:

  • Our Selling Through Conversation™ Framework to enable their team to book meetings with the people we initiated conversations with.
  • Access to scripts and templates, as well as comprehensive sales training to enable them to move prospects down the pipeline.
  • Training in our NPOT Methodology™ and business growth frameworks to enable scaling the team as needed.

Project Results

Our collaboration was a massive success, and as Matthew the Chief Executive Officer says in the video testimonial above, what we did was MORE than we had promised. As a result Dimartec was able to generate $250,000 worth of new business opportunity in just 3 months with us and secure 4 new clients. This helped them successfully achieve their objectives of rebuilding their pipeline at a much lower cost than they obtained with ads, and also proceed with their expansion to Lithuania as needed.

As a result their work with us continued, and they invested even more in developing their cold outreach systems to predictably generate new business.

"In 3 months the total amount of opportunity you generated for us is close to 250,000 EUR. We've already paid for the price of your service for the year. You've delivered everything you promised!"
Matthew Johnson
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dimartec • London, UK

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