How to Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse


Most agency owners and freelancers have sucky offers – that’s why they struggle to close deals and get clients. You see, when the value of what you’re offering isn’t significantly greater than the cost of your offer, then you’re dealing with a weak offer. You’ll struggle to get sales that way. And, with a weak offer, even the best sales skills will only have lackluster results.

So how do you create irresistible offers, that customers can’t wait to get their hands on? I follow these simple 5 steps to create offers that people simply can’t refuse.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Have you ever played darts? It’s hard to hit the target sometimes, even when you see it. But how about BLIND darts?!

That’s tough, right?

And yet most agency owners and freelancers are playing blind darts when it comes to their audience. They have no clue who they’re targetting and how to identify those people.

In other words, they don’t know who their BEST BUYERS are. My favorite way to figure out best buyers is to look at my previous customers and ask myself “Out of all these clients, who were the ones who MOST benefited from what I’ve offered for them?”

Look at their commonalities in terms of:

  1. Demographics – do they share a common age group? Common location? Common industry?
  2. Psychographics – do they share common interests? Common desires? Common goals? Common values?
  3. Affinity – are they all members of a common group or organization?

Clearly identify what the commonalities are for your BEST buyers. And then just work on creating your offer for THOSE people specifically.

2. Analyze your Services

Analysis means breaking something down into its component parts. What services do you deliver to your best buyers? Make a list of them.

And then for each service, think about all the component parts that go into it. Mentally review the process you go through when performing the service, and list all the parts for each one.

Then, go through each service, and assign a value rating to it out of 10, where 10 means most valuable in terms of getting results for the client, and 0 least valuable.

Finally, for each part of each service, do the same thing. Assign a value rating out of 10, where 10 represents most valuable in terms of the value of the specific part for obtaining the results that the service delivers.

Then move onto the next step.

3. Synthesize by Value

Once you’ve broken down, it’s time to build back better. Here’s how that goes.

First, identify the 20% of your services that add up 80% of the value for your clients. The way to do it is to sort all services by the value rating you gave them, and then pick the top 20% of them. Those are going to be included in your offer.

Next, for each of those services identify the top 20% of parts that are responsible for 80% of the results. Here you have to do a bit more thinking, and see which parts you could potentially drop or outsource cheaply, and which are essential.

Make sure to mark the ones that are not essential, and figure out if you want to drop them, or otherwise outsource them.

Once you’ve done this, just create a package that contains your most valuable services and the most valuable components of those, and try to estimate, in a dollar amount, how valuable that will be for your ideal client above… how much money can it save them? How much money can it make them? How much time can it save them? Put a dollar figure to it.

That will be the core of your offer.

4. Give them an Incentive to Act Now

Now it’s time to add something that will motivate them to act now. I love incentive-based discounts. If you buy today, I’m happy to knock $2K off the price, for example. If people don’t have a solid reason to take action on your offer now, they will likely put it off.

And when something is put off, it will likely never get done. In addition, the buyers most likely to give you problems, create extra work, demand the heavens, and so on are the most likely to put off buying now. You want to avoid them.

So it’s your job to add an incentive to act now into your offer. Make sure that this is something believable, and that you provide a reason why the incentive exists. For example, if you buy today, I’m happy to knock $2K off the price, because I’ve noticed that people who take action quickly tend to be the best buyers.

5. Capture Your Offer in a Magnetic Headline

And finally, once your offer is ready, you need to create a packaging for it that makes it attractive and generates curiosity. This is best achieved when you can communicate the heart of your offer through a magnetic headline.

There are four components to a magnetic headline that telegraphs your offer:

• Who it’s for

• What problem it solves

• How it solves the problem in a unique way that generates curiosity

• What transformation will be achieved

For example: “The Ascendancy Program helps agency owners and freelancers making $10K+/mo [WHO] scale to $50K+/mo [PROBLEM+TRANSFORMATION] through AI-driven lead generation and sales & marketing training [Unique HOW]”

If you notice, those 4 components also happen to be the heart of the NPOT Model of Business Transformation, which we’ve discussed extensively in our free training.

Once you have a magnetic headline, make sure you use it in your advertising and sales messages to communicate the essence of your offer in a way that’s going to grab people’s attention and make them curious to know more.

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