Build a Predictable B2B Growth Engine

Using the Agency Training That Created $10,000,000+ In Revenue...

The Ascendancy Program™ (previously Agency Ascendancy Group™) is a 12 months training that enables B2B Digital Agencies to build a predictable growth engine & scale annual revenues to $500K+.

We’ve helped 1000+ agencies scale…

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Acquiring New Clients is The Hardest Challenge B2B Agencies Face

 Truth  Most never grow beyond referrals & their local network. Here’s why👇

And your options aren't great...

What you really need is a proven strategy combined with step-by-step blueprints and personalized guidance to make sure you're doing it right. This will be your "growth engine".

Growth System: A series of steps that predictably generate new clients on demand.

With a growth system you will:

 Without a Growth Engine 

 With a Growth Engine 

Introducing The Ascendancy Program™

A 12 months program to help you scale your agency to $500K+ in annual revenue and build the foundations for a 7-figure business. Here’s what you’ll get 👇

40+ Hours of Video Training

You'll gain access to our Learning Platform (the same Learning Platform our service clients get) which contains extensive training on all aspects of growing a digital business, starting with client acquisition and moving on to team expansion, management, and business systems.

60+ Blueprints, Templates & Processes

Exact step-by-step how-to instructions to set up your positioning strategy, marketing systems, sales processes, hiring procedures and other business processes. This includes detailed operational playbooks, including an exact sales process, sales scripts and more!

Peer-Level Mentorship

Get mentorship from agency owners at a more advanced stage of development who have already walked the path you've embarked on. They'll help you save months of trial and error and frustration by helping you focus on the tactics that work in your niche, today.

Group Coaching for Guidance

Our CEO is available bi-weekly for group coaching sessions to address any issues that you're dealing with. In the past, agency owners have shared issues such as difficulties setting up a cold email system, messaging problems, positioning issues or sales process advice and fixed their issues during the session itself!

Online Agency Community

Join an active community of agency owners including others in a similar niche to yourself. You'll get to network, put win-win deals together, and learn from each other's progress.

Step-by-Step Growth Playbooks

Starting with our Linkedln Playbook, we have detailed, step-by-step playbooks that walk you through the process of establishing new, consistent channels for acquiring new clients for your ageny.

Discounted Access to Private 1:1 Coaching

If you want to access private 1:1 coaching to discuss more sensitive issues or work on the strategy for the next quarter for your agency, you can do so at a discounted rate of 25% for a total of $150/hour.

Is the Ascendancy Program™ Better Than Hiring a Growth Service?

Ascendancy Program™ Hiring a Growth Service

$2241 per year

$24,000+ per year


Over the past 3 years we helped 1,000+ agencies. Enjoy a 30-day risk-free cancellation period if you're not happy.

No guarantee of success

Time Commitment

Go at your own pace.

3-6 months to see if it works

Success Rate

You're in control of your own success.

Your success depends on your current offer and on your chosen partner.

 For You  If You:

 Not For You  If You:

We've Helped Over 1,000 Agencies to Date

Evan Hennessey

Scaled to 7-Figures in eCom Marketing with Our Client Acquisition System

“It’s really a huge value. You’re not going to find anything like it and I can tell you that because I’ve taken a lot of programs online Tudor’s single-handedly helped me get these results!”

Adam R.

6-Figure Design & Content Agency for Web3 Companies

“I’ve had so many conversations, I get a lot of replies… I got so many strategy calls, and there are so many people that are interested. Last month, I booked so many calls, I had at least 2 a day!”

Torsten P.

Built a 6-Figure Branding Agency for Startups

“I was a bit overwhelmed with the response and how well it went, and it’s super exciting. It does take a big weight off my shoulders knowing we have a system we can use to reliably produce new business. My one regret is that I didn’t do this two years ago!”

Regan C.

Built a 6-Figure Multilingual Digital Agency for Industrial & Sports Manufacturers

“I see FREEDOM towards above and that’s what I didn’t see before. It’s really valuable and REAL!” 

Matt J.

6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency for Fintech & Financial Companies

“[In 3 months] the total amount of opportunity you generated for us is close to $250,000. We’ve already paid for the price of the service for the year […] You’ve delivered everything you promised!”

Gabriel L.

Web Design & SEO Agency for Landscaping Companies

“My positioning now is a lot better [and] I’ve lifted myself several steps from where I was before. I’m having more conversations on LinkedIn than I’ve EVER had!”

What Makes AAG™ Different?

1. Overarching Strategy & Theory

Usually courses are just a bunch of tactics thrown together. There is no overarching strategy or theory that explains why it works and when it works. We have spent 5+ years developing theory to help you understand when to use different tactics.

2. Expert Vetted Tactics

Our playbooks are the exact strategies we apply for ourselves. Then for our growth service clients. And finally they’re vetted by our AAG™ Community. So you get everything that works in today’s market.

3. Results-Focused Program

From strategy to execution, with us you’ll get everything you need to obtain amazing results. We cover the why, what, how and what next of every process discussed. This means there is no figuring out left to do for you – you just implement & get results!

4. Goes Beyond Client Acquisition

To build a 7-figure digital agency, it’s not enough to secure a solid & consistent client acquisition channel. That’s why we show you how to expand your team, obtain case studies & referrals, sell more to your existing clients, and install the business systems that will give you freedom of time inside your business!

Program Curriculum

Get introduced to the program and spend the initial section taking care of the basics. The goal here is to lay out a foundation for success by getting a few quick wins under your belt and working on the most important factor to success: your mindset.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Get access to the Learning Platform and all the training materials.
  • Make sure you secure your seat in upcoming Group Coaching Sessions.
  • Use our interactive application to assess your LinkedIn Profile and get a report with personalized recommendations to improve it.
  • Browse through our Group Coaching Archive to search for issues you’re dealing with that we’ve helped agencies address before and watch those to get immediate help.
  • Develop the “7-Figure” Mindset that empowers you to crush through fears, install winning habits and put an end to self-sabotage (including two fear busters you can use to banish fear the moment you feel it!).

The first thing you need to do is develop a differentiating positioning strategy for your agency. This is key to standing out & attracting your clients and will be the foundation for the rest of your marketing.

To do this we use our NPOT Methodology™ which is a proprietary framework we’ve developed. NPOT stands for Niche, Problem, Offer and Transformation, which are the 4 key components of any agency’s business model.

You’ll get worksheets to apply the NPOT Methdology™ to your own agency to pick the right niche to focus on and develop a minimum viable offer that you can test in your market. Your pricing strategy, differentiation, guarantees will be taken care of in this section.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • You’ll learn how bad “time economics” keep you stuck in the rat race regardless of what marketing & sales strategies you use… and why you’ve tried a lot of stuff without success.
  • Build your first NPOT Model™ and learn how to choose & test your niche to make sure it works & brings profit before you commit massive time & resources to it.
  • Learn how to engineer value into your offer so that you can raise your prices to the point you can afford to hire others and reinvest into growing your business.
  • Uncover a gap in the market by using the NPOT Positioning Map so that you can stop competing in a crowded market and learn how to sail in a blue ocean where prospects actually want to hear about what you have to offer through your NPOT Message.
  • Figure out how to use pricing, guarantees and discounts to reduce friction and increase the appeal of your offer. This will maximise your conversions.
  • Develop your first Minimum Viable Offer (MVO) which you can test before you even execute the service to see if it appeals to clients and it will sell, saving you the headache involved in trying to scale a dead-end offer.
  • Learn the basics of starting conversations with your target market in a non-salesy, problem-focused manner to quickly get feedback on your MVO and make your first sales.
  • Implement viral sales copy through “pattern extraction” on your existing marketing assets to convey your new positioning and 

Once your positioning strategy is in place and you’ve done some preliminary testing, it’s time to go big on sales and marketing through our N³ Agency Growth Model™.

This is our proprietary system for rapid growth based on building massive authority in your niche. It involves 3 components which exponentially build on each other:

  1. Networking. We’ll look at how you can identify top-tier prospects and initiate value-based conversations with them at scale through either cold email or LinkedIn.
  2. Nurturing. Instead of trying to sell right away like scammers, you’ll nurture those relationships through authority content and value bombs.
  3. Negotiating. You’ll learn how to negotiate win-win deals by qualifying your prospects and then closing with upfront value.

By using the N³ Agency Growth Model™ you’ll be able to build authority and sign up top-tier clients for your agency consistently.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Choose between cold email or LinkedIn as the main client acquisition channel you’ll focus on based on the industry you’re targeting and your prior expertise.
  • Learn how to identify top-tier clients you wish to pursue on LinkedIn or outside of LinkedIn and secure their contact details.
  • Create high-converting outreach sequences through email and/or LinkedIn using our templates, step-by-step processes and the NPOT Model™ you created in the previous section.
  • Learn how to continue value-based conversations with your prospects, nurture them, and book them as appointments on your calendar through our Chat Workflow Process™.
  • Develop your first Value Bullet™ from our templates –  a lead magnet that answers a burning problem for your target audience, and takes less than 5 minutes to consume. This will make it easy to provide value upfront in a conversation and also build your email list.
  • Get your calendar fully booked with qualified prospects with LinkedIn and Cold Email Playbooks (complete, step-by-step blueprints provided!)
  • Nurture your prospects through Authority Content that you post via your blog or on LinkedIn. This will help you convert the large majority of prospects who aren’t ready to buy instantly or who don’t trust you yet.
  • Host your first workshop using our Workshop templates & Worksheet blueprints. This will give you an opportunity to convert your existing pipeline and upsell existing clients on more services. 
  • Use our 9-Step Qualification Framework™ to qualify prospects on a 15-min call, and stop wasting hours trying to sell to suspects who will never buy.
  • Learn how to use actual HYPNOSIS (stuff that you usually learn only in exclusive and expensive NLP courses and that I’m technically not even allowed to teach you) applied to selling to convert anyone who is a good fit.
  • Get access to an 11 page customizable sales script (and learn how to adapt it to your own business) with the Hypnotic Sales Induction Process integrated into it, so that you can apply hypnotic influence from the get-go and teach it to others.
  • Discover how using “hypnotic silence” has enabled me to close 40 to 50% of all qualified prospects that I had as an agency owner, and how you can replicate a similar outcome for yourself.
  • Start extracting language patterns & objective market feedback from sales calls and use them to know scientifically (that means without guessing or stumbling in the dark) how to adjust your offer to better fit the market using the Market Feedback Worksheet.

Now that you’ve established a solid client acquisition channel, it’s time to massively power it by gathering testimonials, case studies and social proof and then feeding them back into your messaging and authority content.

This is how you can trigger the Ascendancy Momentum Loop™ and see your client acquisition results increase exponentially.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Take advantage of the hidden feedback loop that agencies growing exponentially use to make future sales easier to close and attract an avalanche of customers using their existing client-base to dominate your niche.​
  • Gain access to a plug-n-play step-by-step guide that guarantees that you’ll collect testimonials and case studies from every single client that you sign up, including video, audio and written testimonials, as well as logos and photos to use in your marketing materials.​
  • Learn a 4-step process of using indirect communication to bypass the conscious mind of your prospects and get them to believe ideas they wouldn’t otherwise believe without even realising that you’re persuading them.​
  • Get access to a done-for-you agency website template that will help you utilize social proof effectively, and learn how to evaluate and adjust all your marketing assets through a 7-step process to induce hypnotic influence.

It’s now time to get the most out of your existing clients by uncovering new ways to provide value to them.

In this section, you’ll discover how to build a consistent referral system (and how to have referral conversations) and also how and when to propose new business and opportunities to your existing clients.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Discover why the fight for supremacy in the agency world is no longer about being an expert in your service, and what you actually need to become an expert in (+ how) if you want to create additional value for your clients and dominate the future.​
  • Start winning clients and beating your competition by being willing and able to outspend your competitors when it comes to acquiring clients, and learn how to do so profitably.​
  • Use the 4-Step Idea Inception Process™ to create new business opportunities for your agency out of thin air & maximise client life-time value.​
  • Start getting referrals from all your customers using a ready-made Ascendancy Referral System™ that appeals to 2 different kinds of motives depending on your client’s personality and offers the right kind of bait – the bait they can’t say no to (again, tailored to their personality!)​

As your agency starts growing, you’ll need new people. People are your fuel for growth – they’ll enable you to build business systems so that you gain freedom from doing all the work yourself.

And, in addition, people are the key to scaling and being able to serve more or bigger clients.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Learn how to stop repeating yourself when you train employees and how to maintain the quality of the work as good as what you produce by creating video and text-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).​
  • Understand the correct order and responsibilities you need to account for when hiring your team through the Ascendancy Operations Manual™ and adapt it for your own purposes.​
  • Understand why for most of the time you’re scaling your agency, it will look like you’re losing if you’re doing the right things, and what you can do to develop the mindset required to push through without rushing it.​
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate the roadblocks that are holding your agency back by using a 5-step process based on the Theory of Constraints that will help you reach your goals faster.​
  • Start using AI technology and the Fragmentation Hiring Process™ to scientifically vet & hire top quality talent and STOP wasting your time and energy with low quality people who won’t deliver results and will create more problems for you!​

Now your agency is scaling FAST. You may think you’ve got it made. But don’t hurry to celebrate yet, because this is a critical phase.

A lot of agencies grow very quickly only to fall back down just as quickly. The difference between those who remain big and those who shrink down to their former size is the effectiveness of their management and business systems.

This is the key focus now.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Learn from 3 different horror stories about what can go wrong when scaling an agency when you don’t foresee risks and take them seriously… and then get a proven, plug and play decision-making framework to quantify & hedge against the risks of any decision using simple mathematical tools that most agencies are unaware of.​
  • Set audacious goals, control for problems, diagnose the root cause of issues, plan effectively and take relentless action to grow your agency and eliminate problems using the 5-Step Management Process and avoid any unwanted detours.
  • Learn how to apply the Dream 100 Strategy to go after “whale” customers (customers who can make a big splash with the revenue they bring) using a unique direct mail strategy that makes it virtually impossible NOT to get your envelope opened!​
  • Identify the 3 main sources of risk, create plans for them, and learn to manage your psychology so that you can effectively manage your agency through crisis situations, without going bankrupt.​

How do you build defensible growth and make it harder for others to compete with you in your niche? 

This is where you have to learn how to exploit the media and build an “authority”-moat around your agency. As you become an industry celebrity, you’ll be able to charge much higher fees and you’ll become the go-to choice for everyone else.

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Write your first book in 4 weeks without putting a single word down on paper using our 6-step Rapid Book Publishing Process and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.​
  • Secure your first media appearances with our Media Kit Template and learn how to tell your story through a 12-step psychological formula to build a personal brand around just like Gary Vee or Sabri Suby have done.​
  • Build the ultimate competitive advantage for your agency by making yourself into a celebrity in your niche using 8 different authority content formats and 2 “invisible marketing” strategies based on the way animals obtain status in their hierarchies.​
  • Start charging for who you are, not just for what you do – this will allow you to significantly raise your prices and will have clients coming to you, instead of you always chasing after them!​

Relying on just one marketing channel is ineffective for maintaining your industry dominance. You’ll need to start creating multiple client acquisition channels & automating or outsourcing key aspects of your business.

This is what will create not just lasting PROFITS, but also FREEDOM for yourself and your family!

Key Insights & Outcomes:

  • Learn the 4 key daily tasks of the Midas Client Attraction System™ that most agency owners neglect without which you CANNOT grow your agency further.​
  • Massively increase your appointments booked with 3 different plug & play funnel blueprints, 5 outreach strategies (all with ready to use templates), and automation.​
  • Start automating or outsourcing key marketing activities so you can start working ON the business rather than IN it… imagine, your marketing, no longer dependent on YOU… it gets done whether you’re asleep, having lunch with friends or staying with the kids!​
  • Achieve FREEDOM – not only will you be making the income you want, but you’ll also have the freedom to do as you please with your time.

Listen to Some of Our Members

Robert & Phong

Built a 6-Figure Branding & Design Agency for Tech Startups

““[By month 3 the results are] overwhelming. We never had such an interesting look into potential work that we have right now. We’ve landed a client with the system that we’re working with right now. We’ve had some great meetings with people who are interested in working with us later this year. I can’t wait to see what this will look like in a year””

Adal Bermann

Built a 6-Figure Lead Generation Agency for Service Businesses

“Tudor this was the most value packed hour I’ve pretty much ever experienced. I’m so grateful!”

Jacob P.

Freelance Writer – Thought Leadership for Green Brands

“The exercises I’ve done made me think about it in a different way” 


Direct Response Copywriter

“Through the Agency Ascendancy Program I grew my profile from 30 connections to more than 700. I learned how to position myself and stand out, I learned how to start friendly conversation that lead to sales. Now I had to stop posting because I’m at full capacity and cannot handle new clients. If you’re stuck because you can’t build a consistent flow of new clients, this is a no-brainer” 

Naima A.

Built a 6-Figure Motion Graphics Agency for Enterprise Clients

“You allowed me to see things from a different perspective. It gives me a lot of confidence. You allowed me to rethink and reimagine the system. There are a lot of lead generation providers and many want to take advantage of small agencies like us. They just want to give us leads, but by giving us leads without proper guidance, we don’t even know what to do with them!”

Vidak T.

Built a 6-Figure Web Design Agency for Local Service Businesses

“Just broke through $550K for the year… would never have been possible without you!” 

How It Works

You’ll get access to our Discord Community and to our Learning Platform, the same Learning Platform that clients who purchase our DFY service get. The only difference is that our team won’t be helping you, you’ll go through on your own!


Set up your Subscription

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If you refer other agencies we’ll pay you 50% off their first month, or 20% if they get an annual or lifetime subscription!

Ready to Grow?

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$ 249 per month for min. 12 months
  • 40+ hours of video training on all aspects of growing an agency
  • 60+ ready-made blueprints for you to apply for instant growth
  • Active discord community to network & learn from other agencies
  • Bi-weekly group coaching to strategize & fix problems ASAP
  • Peer Level Mentorship & Guidance
  • LinkedIn & Cold Email Rapid Growth Playbooks
  • Discounted Access to Private 1:1 Coaching

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$ 2241 per year
  • 40+ hours of video training on all aspects of growing an agency
  • 60+ ready-made blueprints for you to apply for instant growth
  • Active discord community to network & learn from other agencies
  • Bi-weekly group coaching to strategize & fix problems ASAP
  • Peer Level Mentorship & Guidance
  • LinkedIn & Cold Email Rapid Growth Playbooks
  • Discounted Access to Private 1:1 Coaching
Best Value

*Ascendancy 30-Day Guarantee

Take the first 30-days to assess if the Ascendancy Program™ is a good fit for you with the Paid Monthly option. If it’s not, you can cancel your commitment anytime within the first 30 days. No cancellations will be possible after that until 12 months have elapsed.

Listen to More of our Members

Abdelaziz B. F.

6-Figure PR & Social Growth Agency

“I want to make sure I’m working with someone who is the best at what they do. It was a great offer as soon as I saw it […] You guys took a burden off my back with making sure we’re consistent with the lead generation process. I have a road not only for lead generation but also for building a sales team.”

Jason & Mphumzi

Web Design & PPC Agency for Solar Companies

“You guys aren’t just a lead gen agency, you’re an educational company. A lot of what you’ve taught us so far has been very impactful in our business, we’re really happy!”

Thomas K.

Built a 7-Figure SEO Agency

“Your product is great, I understand why you have a good success with selling it!”

Rupert W.

eCom Marketing Agency

“It feels like the guidance and information given is extremely precise and can be acted upon […] It’s been eye-opening and it gives me confidence that you’re a set of people who DO know how to scale an agency to a stable level which as you said is $500K/year.”

Nadim R.

6-Figure Branding Agency from UK

“I tried LinkedIn… I tried Google Ads… 100% of our clients were coming from referrals. I have a growth mindset now, I want to reach 7-Figures in the next 12 months!” 

Luella C.

Advertising Agency based in UK

“There’s so many people reaching out… You were a boost of confidence, you know what you’re talking about, the help is definitely there, and the process is very detailed! ” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ascendancy Program™ is designed specifically for digital agencies & other digital service providers including freelancers and coaches who serve the B2B market and want to build a 6 or 7-figure business. This includes agencies who do: web design, web development, video/audio production, SEO, content writing, copywriting, paid ads, perfomance marketing, branding/design, digital marketing, coaching, or public relations.

So if you fit the above criteria, and you want to join a community of winners, this is where you belong.

You’ll get access to our Discord Community & to our Learning Platform, including:

  • 40+ hours of video training on all aspects of growing an agency
  • 60+ ready-made blueprints for you to apply for instant growth
  • Active discord community to network & learn from other agencies
  • Bi-weekly group coaching to strategize & fix problems ASAP
  • Peer Level Mentorship & Guidance
  • LinkedIn & Cold Email Rapid Growth Playbooks
  • Discounted Access to Private 1:1 Coaching

No. You get access to the same Learning Platform that clients who have purchased our Growth Service get, the only difference is that you won’t get any of the DFY or DWY services that they get. 

If you’re already making $500K+ you can join the community, but we highly recommend that you also work directly with us to scale through our Growth Service.

You get access to 2 sections, one covering our NPOT Methodology™ for laying the foundation for a 7-Figure agency and the other covering our N³ Agency Growth Model™ for scaling an agency to 7-Figures. This includes around 15 hours of training and 17 Templates, Blueprints and Processes you can download and install into your agency or digital business instantly as soon as you join.

All the other sections open up instantly from 8 weeks onwards. We do this because these sections focus less on client acquisition, and client acquisition is the main thing you need to focus on for the first 2 months. These sections (7 in total) total about 25 hours of additional training, covering aspects such as how to collect case studies & social proof, build your team, manage projects, become a celebrity in your niche, and highly advanced marketing for massive scale.

They will help you build your agency into a REAL organisation and business system that can function without you, giving you both PROFITS and FREEDOM!

On average people are able to use our strategies to close their first client within 37 days.

Yes! If you’d like to test our program risk-free, you can join with the paid monthly option and cancel your commitment within the first 30 days if you’re not satisfied. Once the first 30 days expire, you will no longer be able to cancel until the end of the 12 months commitment.

Considering how low our pricing is compared to the value offered, there will be no refunds issued. It is your responsibility to cancel on-time before your renewal. Once a renewal occurs, no refunds will be issued. It is not possible to cancel the paid monthly option outside of month 1 and until the 12 months commitment has elapsed.

To cancel your subscription login to “Your Account” select View
next to your subscription and then click Cancel. Please note with the “paid monthly” option it will only be possible to cancel in the first 30 days, and then after 12 months have elapsed.

If you’d like to switch to a different payment plan, please contact us.

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