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Strategic Wealth Building: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Internet Riches


You’ve started an online business, or you’re growing an existing brick & mortar one through the internet. But, for one reason or another you’re not satisfied.

You’re working too much. You have less free time than you desire. You don’t have time to travel enough. Or spend with your family…

You’ve tried a bunch of different tactics like SEO, facebook ads, funnels, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, and others. But whatever you try, it seems like you’re working more, for very little gain.

Does that sound like you?

If so, then you sound exactly like my clients. That is, before they start working with me.

Here’s a fact: most people who start a business are not entrepreneurs. There is a gulf of difference between what THEY do, and what REAL entrepreneurs (yes, guys like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc.) do.

This does NOT mean that these “wannabe entrepreneurs” don’t make money. Absolutely not. Some of them make boatloads of money… but they’re working 16 hours a day and sleeping 8.

No time for family. No time for traveling. No time for living the life they’ve always dreamed about when they first set foot on this journey.

I call this group of people “tactical hustlers”. They are opportunity seekers, always chasing whatever can make them money.

The problem with this approach is that even if you’re successful, and believe me, odds are stacked against you, you still don’t end up building a sustainable business that gives you freedom.

And the result of that is that you realize that all your hustling led to just building a high-paying job for yourself. Not a business that gives you freedom and prints money while you sleep.

The Secrets of High-Profile Entrepreneurs Are Now In Your Hands

You’re currently holding into your hands a guide that will show you how to build a business that will give you freedom. Or how to convert your existing business into one that generates MASSIVE income on autopilot…

What I’m sharing with you are the exact strategies that have worked for the high-profile entrepreneurs I’ve worked with. Let me give you some examples…

I’ve worked with an entrepreneur whose marketing agency was one of Google’s Premier Partners – only 800 of them in the entire world. He struggled with automating his sales process so that he would have quality leads coming in without much effort on his side.

And he wasn’t playing around… he needed 100 new sales a day, meaning close to a revenue of $50,000-75,000 per day!!

Another entrepreneur I worked with appeared inside the covers of Inc. 500 for the fastest growing companies in the United States. He ran a high-end online business brokerage, and grew an SEO agency to millions of dollars beforehand. I’ve helped him develop marketing strategies for both himself and his clients.

And I’ll give you one more example…

I’ve worked with an entrepreneur who is one of the world’s top stock traders, and has made close to $100 MILLION trading and running financial related businesses.

He struggled with getting the complex sales funnels he needed to have his businesses work on autopilot set up and ready to go, so that he could focus on what he enjoyed – trading the market. I helped him diagnose problems and solve them one by one, helping him achieve his goal of having a money-making machine that worked without him.

Anyway, these are the kind of people I rub elbows with. Keep in mind that I only work with winners, not with just about anyone. And that’s very fortunate for you… because that’s why you have a guide that works in your hands.

The Biggest Obstacle To Massive Wealth & Freedom

Most people fail to become full blown entrepreneurs because they don’t think like entrepreneurs. No one taught them how they should think about things. The result of this is that they take a tactical approach to business.

This results in the following kind of problems…

Symptom: I keep trying different things (Facebook ads, podcasts, youtube videos, etc.) that could make me money, but I struggle to get results.
Underlying Problem: Shiny Object Syndrome
Cause: Lack of strategy

Symptom: My income is growing, but I’m working more than ever… I literarily don’t have time to breathe!
Underlying Problem: Lack of automation
Cause: Lack of strategy

And so on.

As you can see, the biggest obstacles that hold people back from massive wealth and freedom center around the wrong mindset. Taking a tactical approach to business. Not seeing the forest for the trees.

This is what causes people to become hustlers, always chasing after the ONE thing that could save them and magically solve the problem.

But there is a way to really fix that.

And it starts with understanding the problem on a deeper level.

Tactical Hustlers vs Strategic Entrepreneurs

Th first thing to notice is how most people “become entrepreneurs”. And that is after having held a job, working for someone else as an employee. Sometimes they notice an “opportunity”, or they’re just tired of working for someone else, and decide to do the same work on their own.

If you’re reading this, then you too probably have worked for someone else before being an entrepreneur.

And it doesn’t matter if you were a director in a large organization beforehand. Because the fact is that employees are trained to work IN the system, not to BUILD the system.

Which means that entrepreneurs unfortunately start with the wrong foot forward.

The employee’s is a completely different mindset from that of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has no one to save them. No one to rely on.

YOU must push ahead. YOU must build the system.

And if you don’t, then you will fail. Almost guaranteed.

And building the system starts with the mindset shift from a tactical hustler who chases shiny objects and opportunities trying to make a buck, to a strategic entrepreneur with a clear vision and purpose.

And if you don’t change from tactical thinking, to strategic thinking, then it’s really only a matter of time before you fail.

Variance and luck – the right time and the right place – sometimes create temporal success.

Sure, you may currently make MILLIONS. I get it. You may feel invulnerable. But the truth is that the numbers don’t look good. And those numbers don’t mean that you can’t be met with temporary success, only to be followed by failure.

The truth is…

98% Of New Ventures Fail

And when I say fail, I don’t mean just financially. More importantly, they fail to satisfy the purpose with which their owners first started them.

The purpose of creating WEALTH & FREEDOM.

But not all businesses fall in this category… With franchises, the numbers are reversed for example. We see around only 5% of franchises fail.

So why the huge discrepancy?

What do franchises have, that most businesses lack?

The answer is simple.

Franchises can be run by employees. Because the system is already in place.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to buy a franchise and make it successful.

The system does most of the heavy lifting for you. All you need is to apply the system, which is exactly what you used to do when you held a job!

But when YOU start a business, there is no system. You have to create it, and you have literarily no preparation to do that.

You don’t learn it in school.

You don’t learn it in ANY job. Regardless of what it is.

So how can you know it?

The only way is the same way I’ve learned it. By learning it from high-profile entrepreneurs who, just like franchise owners, very rarely fail.

There are just two key ingredients to success in strategic thinking and entrepreneurship.

1.You Need a Vision

A vision is not an airy-fairy thing that’s nice to put on a wall and show other people. I used to think that a vision was useless when I first got started in business.

But boy was I wrong!

Here’s what a vision helps you with, very practically and down-to-earth.

It helps you identify which opportunities are a good fit for YOU and which are NOT.

Should you do a podcast? Should you run Facebook ads? How about participate in trade shows?

Well, guess what, if you don’t have a vision to guide you, all you have to go by is what other people are doing.

Everyone is doing a podcast… you jump on the bandwagon…

Everyone is opening a YouTube channel… you jump on the bandwagon…

But that is no way to succeed.

That’s why you need a vision. Then an opportunity is only meaningful to you if it fits with your vision. If it gets you closer to making your vision a reality.

And you vision alone is not sufficient.

You need to integrate your vision into the second factor – your business system.

2.You Need a Business System

The business system is the vehicle that transforms your vision into a reality. And your number one job as an entrepreneur is NOT sales, marketing, product development and so on, but creating the business system.

The business system is responsible for doing those things (sales, marketing, etc.). You are not responsible to do them.

But you are responsible to create the system.

And because they are really tactical hustlers, most entrepreneurs abdicate this responsibility completely.

Instead, they are out there, working to make sales, or working to develop the product and so on. Without taking care of the number one priority – their business system.

The best framework to develop your vision and business system is to create what I call a 4M Profit System.

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