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How this marketing & design agency generated a pipeline of 60+ sales calls per month in the Web3 space

We helped Polify create LinkedIn & Email outreach systems to generate a consistent stream of appointments for their sales team. This enabled them to create the consistency that they were looking for in their lead generation.

Industry: Agency (Design)

Country: Sweden

Target Audience: Web3

Company Size: 1-10

Industry: Agency (Design)

Country: Sweden

Target Audience: Web3

Company Size: 1-10

About Polify

Polify is the first organic marketing agency focused on the Web3 market. They specialize in organic growth and branding for Web3 projects that are looking for human-centric design and a genuine and steadfast commitment to sparking significant transformation.

Client Challenges

When Polify reached out to us, the leadership team was too busy handling projects and they needed a partner who could deliver a steady stream of meetings for their sales team. They also struggled with conversions in the past and reaching out to Web3 projects that had the budget required to work with them. They needed our help to overcome these challenges.

Our Solution

1. We Helped Polify Differentiate through our NPOT Methodology™

Our NPOT Methodology™ involves gaining clarity on the 4 key elements of any agency’s business model. Here’s what they are:

  • Niche – WHO do you want to help?
  • Problem – WHY can’t they achieve their dream outcome?
  • Offer – HOW do you get them past the problem to the transformation?
  • Transformation – WHAT is their dream outcome?

Through our worksheets and consulting we helped Polify:

  • Adopt a networking approach that works very effectively with startup founders in the Web3 industry.
  • Position the agency as a marketing specialist that could help Web3 companies overcome the Bear market they were facing at the time.
  • Focus on becoming a strategic growth partner that could help Web3 companies achieve their larger vision.
  • Position them as well connected in the Web3 space in order to be able to create mutually beneficial partnerships for all involved.

2. We Created LinkedIn & Email Outreach Sequences With the Aim of Initiating High-Impact Relationships

Using the differentiation we helped him create through the NPOT Methodology™, our team of pro copywriters created a sequence aimed at starting & building relationships based on trust.

The key here were several tactics that we used to leverage the CEO’s (Adam’s) personal LinkedIn Profile:

  • Instead of asking for a sales call directly we started by having Adam introduce himself by mentioning some of the big players in the Web3 industry that he has previously worked with to establish authority.
  • Instead of selling aggressively, we had Adam ask Web3 founders about their mission and what they were trying to achieve with their startup and invite them on a 15-min virtual coffee chat to get to know each other.
  • The approach focused on building relationships and identifying problems Polify could solve.
  • We used Adam’s most successful projects to clearly articulate the results his company could achieve in a Bear market.
  • We clearly articulated Adam’s vision and NPOT Model, which made it instantly clear that he was THE #1 choice for Web3 companies with stalling growth in the Bear market.
  • By positioning the agency as specialists in the Web3 industry, it became much easier to attract attention & stand out.

All of this blended really well with Polify’s brand – a non-aggressive approach based on proving your value & demonstrating industry expertise, instead of trying to aggressively sell. The sequence took 3 business days to complete.

3. We Built Hand-Picked & Quality Scored Contact Lists

Since Sales Navigator usually serves leads that aren’t a good match for your targeting on pages 5+, and especially on a complex niche like Web3, we had to design a solution that gathered Web3 company data from 5+ different Web3 specific sources, and then combined them through quality scoring.

What we mean by quality scoring is that we assign factors, for example “Location = London” a factor of 2, and location outside of London a factor of 1. This takes into account for example that London-based companies are likely to be better funded than companies outside of London.

We do the same for all other search criteria, and then add up the scores to produce a global quality score for the lead. We are able to then sort through the data in a scientific way and order the list from the best leads to the worst. Then someone from our team would manually check the lists and eliminate anyone who wasn’t a fit.

This enabled us to give preference to Web3 companies over other startups, and target specifically startups based on their funding status, so we could ensure that the Web3 projects we reached out to had budget and were looking to connect with businesses like Polify’s.

As a result, we produced 95%+ quality leads for Polify. If we had relied just on Sales Navigator data, we would have ended up with 30% or less quality leads.

4. We started Outreach & Began Optimizing

With this list, we started outreach.

We fed back into the system the people who accepted connections, who booked calls, and who became customers to further improve the targeting. 

As a result, targeting started to quickly improve over time, to the point that Polify was getting 30+ new conversations with theit ideal clients started on autopilot for them every single day.

5. We Provided Comprehensive Appointment Setting & Sales Processes

Since one of Polify’s objectives was to improve their conversion rates, we had to help them set up an appointment setting & sales process.

Here’s what we did:

  • Provided Polify’s team access to our Learning Platform so they could be up to date with the latest strategies that were working for getting calls booked.
  • Advised them to set up a 2-call sales process, starting with an initial call to determine fit, and then a 2nd free strategy session to lead with value and make closing easier.
  • Helped Polify map out specific responses that they could use for appointment setting based on where inside the sequence someone replied. This helped their appointment-setting team streamline their workflow and improve results.

Project Results

Our work for Polify was very successful – by the end they ended up booking 60+ sales calls in a single month, more than 2 each day. As the CEO Adam said in the video testimonial above, this gave them the predictability they were looking for in lead generation. As a result Polify was able to generate a consistent stream of appointments and our sales process help enabled them to improve connection rates.

This helped them achieve both of their objectives, and as a result they introduced us to other business within the Web3 market.

“I’ve had so many conversations, I get a lot of replies… I got so many strategy calls, and there are so many people that are interested. Last month, I booked so many calls, I had at least 2 a day!”
Adam Razzak
Founder & CEO
Polify • Stockholm, Sweden

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