How Do You Make The Competition Irrelevant?


How do you make the competition irrelevant? I always have the same answer when entrepreneurs ask me:


You get into the mind of your customer and use the clutter inside of it to position yourself as the only real alternative.

If everyone is fighting over the “Mindset Coach” position, it means that that position is already in your prospect’s mind most likely. And guess what?

You’re already LATE to that party, since someone got there first, ahead of you. And when the prospect sees you, they automatically think you’re just like that first guy they know. They’ve already put you in a box, and now you’re just fighting to get outta there (forget about closing them, to do that, you first need to get their attention and you’ve already lost that!)

The alternative is to RE-POSITION the competition.

How do you do that? You start with what people already know “Mindset Coach”.

Here’s an example:

A Mindset Coach helps you uncover limiting beliefs and move past them. But we all know that doesn’t always work, and it can take a lot of time depending on how entrenched those beliefs are. What if I told you now that there is another way… a faster and easier way to shift your mindset. A way that is almost INSTANT, and takes ZERO effort? Have I got your attention?

The way is Mindset Osmosis. It’s what I use to achieve INSTANT transformations for my clients. You see, we all take in beliefs from our environment. Beliefs diffuse from our environment into us. It’s why we say that we become the average of the 5 people we spend most of our time with. I’ve perfected a way to have my mindset transferred over to you in a single session, smashing past all your previous limiting beliefs. Wanna give it a try?

What did you do? You BOMBED the competition using statements that your prospect already knows (and probably thinks), and you offered an interesting, new alternative that they never heard of before. You’re FIRST in this new “Mindset Osmosis” category. You dominate it.

That’s how you make the competition irrelevant. If you want to do that in your own business, complete the survey here and find out if you’re eligible to work with me: (WARNING: working with me is not for everyone. I tend to work with high-profile entrepreneurs, so my services and results are out of the league for many people. But if you wanna make it big, I’m your guy!)

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